Sagat Combo Thread



Of course, that is when you do it.


Yeah, you can do it with a jab, definitely with an mp.


Oh ok, thanks guys. I thought the shortcut needed to be input during the Into the lab tonight!


Why are combos sometimes hard to do?


This might have been covered before, but why is clk, clk, clp, hp TU the bnb combo of choice when the same combo with a hk tiger knee ender connects both hits and does slightly more damage and sends the opponent farther back to initiate zoning?


Whiffs on some chars and on nearly all crouching chars …


have tried it mostly on ryu and chun and it works even when they are crouching. Both hits of the hk Tiger knee connect and the damage is better. plus the positional advantage is quite convenient.


Try it on everybody else and let us know how it goes.


I’m 99% sure it doesn’t work on all characters.

Same reason x2 into cr.mpxxxhpTU doesn’t work on everybody.


it whiffs on crouching characters if you’re not pixel 0 in their face. the will still connect but 2nd hit of hk tiger knee will fly over if their not standing


yeah but I mentioned a cLP not MP link. using lp doesnt necessitate you being stuck to the opponent to execute…i find i can executed it just slightly at a closer range than using a TU ender.

As far as testing it out on everybody, lol, dont think i have that kinda time, but if i do find out more i’ll report back.


Not worth it, too inconsistent across various ranges and characters. I’d be surprised if it worked on more than 50%.

If you want to switch your Bnb do,, xx LTS , roughly the same damage as his standard TU Bnb but doesnt leave you open if you fuck up your links and is a decent block sting. Plinking the with jab makes it relativly easy.


Non-optimal spacing happens often outside of training mode.

This might change in USF4 though with TK properties change.


on a side note, Dlakula’s videos are back on youtube. So if any of you were looking for some tech, you can look him up.

Now badmuts has been deleted…wonder what that’s about.

If anybody knows any other vids online with gat tech, please let me know.



Now that Sagat’s standing light kick is special cancellable on the 2nd hit, do you suppose it may be helpful in some simple combos? This might be a silly question, but I’m new to this sort of thing.


How many people can reliably pull of EX Tiger Uppercut -> Ultra 1? I find it to be one of the more timing-sensitive moves to pull of. I have many questions about it. I know its easier to pull off against character who fall slowly (Hakan, Dictator, Chun-Li,) and harder to pull off against fast falling characters (Cammy, Viper, Seth)

However, even those faster falling characters can be hit by it if the EX Tiger Uppercut is a counter hit. I want more information on this tricky combo because I’ve seen with Angry Charge it can do just above 600 damage! As risky as it is that HAS to be something worth training for, right?

Please help me out.


time it so that you start doing the quarter circle motions when your opponent is on his way down from the ex tiger uppercut. Don’t do the quarter circle motions as soon as sagat finishes the tiger uppercut motion. I find that helps. Your opponent has to be just above sagat’s head when the ultra activates.

So basically, ex TU…wait a fraction of a second and rapidly input ultra.

hope this helps



Just wondering, whats the max damage that Sagat can do in a combo? 725 seems to be the max I can get off a neutral jump RH (757 with counterhit), 680 with no angry scar prepped beforehand (711 with counterhit)
621 stun, 671 stun with counterhit


I dont know if it’s just me, however i found that a good block string in ultra is cr lk, cr lk, st lk into lk tigerknee. keeps the pressure up and can be switched up with lk tigershot if opponent catches on. A good way to stay close and mix things up when needed.


Had to send this over to the Sagat players… lol #HoldDat