Sagat Combo Thread



Wow! that is like serious news!!! how did this amaaaaazing player discover that!!!

Now i need to “hold dat”? …do i also need to “put DAT in my PAAAAHKET?”…ooh ooh, how about I “stay FREE?”

Lol, it’s amazing how the ripple effect of Vanilla Sagat still has people’s feathers all ruffled after all these years…I find that…very amusing.


I don’t really know the point of his post. The autocorrect U1 in the corner is old tech.


Not to mention doing that side switch puts sagat in the corner.


So essentially that video is saying: all you Sagat players should have learned a very difficult, easy to mess up and leaving you open to a massive punish method of executing the Ultra in the corner instead of expecting Capcom to fix what was always an unintended bug, and because you didn’t do that you deserve the same broken Ultra to be broken, but in a different way?



Your problem laughter is that you are trying to tackle this issue with logic.


Sorry I should have known better. I’ll get my coat.


Every Sagat knew how to do that Lolll.

Problem was it was mostly done at point blank TU. Not off of ex TS and shit.


Is there any reason not to do f.lp xx whatever to replace the cr.lp? The link is a bit tighter but for me it’s more consistent that I don’t accidentally get a tk from holding df for the shortcut and from what I can tell it seems to hit everyone crouching and standing.


Scratch that. Doesn’t work on some characters.


Does the setup where you get super close and cr LK , cr MP, cr LP, cr MK, ex tigerknee still cross up? I ask because i cant seem to get the computer with it in the training room.


Not sure, I thought that was character specific to like Dhalsim, Vega etc etc.

I found a fake cross up on Sakura in the corner last night (not sure if that’s been known), its with, hits front but lands back and looks super ambiguous, you’re almost past her when it hits. I’m still trying to figure out if we can time it though, if it whiffs you end up in the corner which aint great…


you are right, it is kinda character specific but setup above works on a good range of characters. At least it did in AE, not sure with the tweaks to the ex TK if it still holds. Basically it worked on ryu, dhalsim, viper, vega, and chun…these are the ones i have seen. I tried to do it and he does fly over ryu and lands behind him with a hit, but the hit is blocked.

Interesting about the sakura thing…do you just jump at her and hk in the corner or do you have to do it after a throw etc.?


It was after a foward throw, I’ve been doing two step kicks then jumping but it’s not exact timing. I’m trying to figure out if it’s just her. I know there’s a similar one on Guile (and maybe Viper) but I didn’t think Sakura was on that list.


a couple of questions about option selects:

  1. The jump in option select:

I can do a jumping hk os into tu if the kick doesnt connect (i.e. when the opponent backdashes on wake up…think chun or rose since their backdashes are ridiculous ) However I was trying to experiment doing an os ultra instead of the tiger uppercut so basically i do a jumping hk on a downed rose on wakeup, if she blocks, ultra doesnt come out, but if she backdashes, she eats the ultra before she could recover. Is this possible? i keep getting the kick connecting and comboing into the ultra.

  1. The crouch jab into ultra os on wakeup:

I know this can be done, but i cant seem to get the timing, every time i hit crouch jab os into ultra, the ultra comes out even after the cr jab connects. Whats the timing?


Number 2 has to be done quick, the jab on hit/block should nullify the ultra input. I only do that on people who have shown me they back dash almost every time.

With the jump ins, if they focus you are best just to learn to eye ball the focus attack reaction punish, everything is kind of fucked with DWU.


So watch if they focus and TU on reaction then, right?


That’s what I do but then I actively seek to punish things on reaction all the time, like people who hold focus a lot , I’ll start punishing them with Ultra or characters with ex moves I’ll dp on reaction because they have a bad habit of being impatient.

You really have to play by player, some folk you just have to play dumb, so option selects are useless.


Guys, help me please!

I’m trying to do the basic combo with sagat (,, c.lp xx tiger uppercut) but, the problem is that I can’t link the 3 lk or lp, I miss it most of the time, can someone explain me please?

I can do it normally with another Fighter (Like, Ryu, Ken, Chun…), but can’t with Sagat…
Is there a technique to do it? Any hint?

I’d appreciate any help, thanks guys.


It’s a link, not an easy chain like with other shotos. With ken or ryu you can usually be sloppy because you can chain it with any timing at all. With Sagat, you need that timing down.

Suggestion is to try plinking with light punch, and practice getting the timing down.


Most damaging 2 bar combo i can find (no ultra no previously charged angry scar) that works on the whole cast (except for balrog, you need to use cr mk instead of hk):
J. Hp, cr. Mk xx lts xx l2 focus xx dash hk xx hk tk.

The l2 focus has 1 frame timing (i think), but the damage output is worth the practice imo. I’ve landed in matches and it gets around 400 damage.

Spacing is looser than you might think since sagat moves forward on his cr mk and focus.