Sagat Combos and Glitches

List your favorite combos here using standard abbreviation conventions. Include the proper damage from the training data in training mode.

In order to get an accurate number, make sure to set your character’s super meter to either “Normal” or “Max Start” because “Infinity” and “Recover” will give the combo an illegal damage boost. Also, make sure to perform the combo against P-Groove or A-Groove because some of the other grooves have meter-based defense bonuses. Finally, make sure to perform the combo when the opponent has a full lifebar, because otherwise the damage will be reduced depending on how low the opponent’s health is.

Also, discuss any glitches or bugs the character has, not including Roll Cancel. RC discussion belongs in a strategy thread.

Updated for 2007

Basic Combos:

note: Sagat does not have any rapid fire cancelable normals. In all instances below, the normal attacks are “linked”.

1. s.LP, s.LP xx dp+HP
Sagat’s standing jab is the fastest hitting attack he has with only 2 frame startup. The situation where this combo is most commonly used is at point blank range with counter hit timing against a character that cannot crouch under the Sagat stand jab. If the stand jabs are blocked, it’s possible to hit confirm whether to cancel into dp+HP or not. Blocked stand jabs leave Sagat at a +6 frame advantage and a +1 frame advantage when Just Defended.

The reason dp+HP is the combo special of choice is because not only do it do the most damage, it gives you the best positional setups afterwards. It is possible to do a mixup with roll x 2 to either end up in front or in back of the fallen opponent. If the opponent does a quick getup, he can be hit by using roll, far stand fierce xx super. In K-groove, the mixup after comboing into dp+HP is to run after the body and then use a whiffed dp+K move to either cross up or not.

2. d.LK, s.LP xx dp+HP
Crouch short hits one frame slower than stand jab at 3 frame startup, however, this move hits low as opposed to stand jab. Against characters that can crouch the stand jab, it can be purposely whiffed to set up a throw.

3. d.LK, d.LK xx dp+HP
Use this combo against characters that can crouch under Sagat’s stand jab. The blocked crouching short leaves Sagat at a +5 frame advantage on the block and even on frames on the JD.

4. s.LP xx any special
Whenever you have only a very small window to attack (like after blocking another Sagat’s hotfoot super or a Bison Scissors Kick), standing jab is the fastest and most reliable move you can stick out to guarantee damage.

Jump-in Combos:

note: Sagat’s best jump-ins are his far j.HK, his early j.LK, or his cross-up j.LK. The j.HK provides more stun and hit confirmation ease than the j.LK’s do. With jumping shorts, it’s best to combo straight into standing jabs or crouching shorts. With j.HK, you can either hit confirm combo into a Tiger Uppercut or super immediately upon landing, or use a far s.HP, close s.HP, d.MK, or any light attack.

-Without meter, jump in far j.HK, d.HK is prefereable to far j.HK, d.HP because d.HK gives a knockdown on the hit. However, d.HK is not safe on the JD, so at that range it can be preferable to use d.HP sometimes.

-Jumping far HK has invincibility at the tip of Sagat’s foot.

-Sometimes it’s best to simply walk forward after tagging an opponent with a far j.HK. The block stun gives you frame advantage.

When low jumping in K-groove, it’s possible to hit confirm directly off a low jump HK.

1. Low jump HK, dp+HP

2. Low jump HK, qcb, qcb+K
The level 3 super hits from REALLY far away. This is the strongest low jump attack in the entire game in my opinion. Raged Sagat is extremely dangerous when he’s low jumping at you from a max range.

Super Combos:

note: In C-groove, it’s preferable to only use cancelable level 2 supers whenever you have meter. You’re getting the most damage for the least amount of effort, and not having a bar to use alpha counter can hurt you at high level play.

1. s.LP, d.MK xx qcb, qcb+MP
Standing jab to crouching forward is an easy 2 frame link, with an even bigger link window whenever the s.LP hits on the counter hit. This is the combo of choice to use when repeatedly walking forward with stand jabs to fish for counter hits, and when Sagat rolls through a projectile attack at the right range. Crouching forward can also be replaced with crouching short for ease of execution when Sagat is in closer range and/or when a Just Defended crouching forward is not safe.

2. counter hit d.LK, d.MK xx qcb, qcb+MP
On the counter hit, crouching short to crouching forward becomes an easy 3 frame link. You can fish for counter hits with walk up crouching shorts as well.

3. d.LK, d.LK xx qcb, qcb+MK
The super combo of choice from close distance. The Hotfoot super is the best comboable super because it brings the opponent into the corner and also lets you do a very damaging level 2 super cancel with Tiger Uppercut.

4. far s.HP xx qcf, qcf+MP
This combos off a far j.HK and is very useful whenever Sagat jumps over a projectile. This can also be used to hit another Sagat’s whiffed and extended far standing fierce, walking forward to hit a Cammy extended far standing roundhouse, punish Chun for having her kick super blocked, or punishing certain moves that are vulnerable after Just Defend. Roll behind, far s.HP xx super punishes Sakura for randomly using her roundhouse RC Hurricane Kick.

5. d.MK xx qcb, qcb+MP OR qcf, qcf+MP
This combo punishes Bison for having his Scissors Kick or One-Hit Scissors Kick blocked (although the one hit version is harder to punish). Sagat can also do this super combo for FREE after Just Defending certain vulnerable moves like Blanka’s crouching fierce.

6. qcb, qcb+MP xx dp+HP
Although not instant like the Hotfoot super, Low Tiger Shot super can be used to blow through moves at point blank range and is safe on the block at +1. Vulnerable to N-groove using counter roll, so be careful, but generally it’s safe to use this tactic.

7. qcf, qcf+MP xx qcf+HP
For punishment against a blocked Blanka ball or as an anti-air.


Block Strings/Guard Crushes:

note: It’s preferable to NOT use these block strings, as opposed to staying close and playing a counter hit/throw game, because it pushes the opponent away. If you’re trying to set the opponent at a certain range in order to zone him, or you’re about to guard crush into a free combo, these are useful.

1. s.LP, d.HP
1 frame gap.

2. d.LK, d.HP
2 frame gap.

3. meaty d.HP, s.MP xx qcf+HK
There’s a gap between s.MP and the low tiger shot.

4. close s.HP xx dp+LP
Anytime the opponent’s guard meter is flashing, Sagat can make him block close s.HP xx dp+LP and the opponent’s guard will break. Sagat gets a free close s.HP xx super every single time.

5. one hit far s.LK xx qcb, qcb+LP
Level 1 supers are rarely used with the notable exception of when it’s useful to chip an opponent to death. One hit far s.LK is possibly the most useful and difficult poke to avoid in the game, so it’s powerful to cancel into a super and force chip damage.

Dunno if you were gonna post the crossups to use after the jabx2,dp combo, but here are the ones i use.

Fake Crossups (leaves you in front):
roll x 2
Short TK, roll
Forward TK, roll
short TK x 2

slight walk forward roll x 2
roundhouse TK, roll
Short TK, forward TK

Those Tiger Crushes aren’t safe. The opponent recovers off the ground before the Tiger Crush finishes animating and can hit Sagat with something. It might work against Blanka, but I know Hibiki gets off the ground fast enough to land free low shorts for sure.

I know if you use the roundhouse TK to try and cossup after the jabx2,dp you’ll get hit by a low short for free, but the others are pretty much safe as long as your timing is on point when you land. You just gotta go into the TK immediately

i saw a vid on evo website where ohnuki did a close fierce, lp uppercut on a flashing guard bar eagle, but didn’t guard break him. why?

close fierce, jab uppercut doesnt break guard no matter what when the bar is flashing, but it doesnt have to be very far into the flashing part at all, so it will almost always break someones guard if the bar is flashing, but if it is at the maximum level that it begins to flash then it wont.

Super combo… C-Groove

Cross up lk, lp, lp, Down lk, down mk xx level 2 (low tiger cannon) xx level 1 (high tiger cannon).

It does damn near 10k damage, but the timing is really strict when it comes to the down to the But the shit looks nice.

Stylish Combos!

-close s.LP, close s.HP x HP Tiger Uppercut

2-frame link from the s.LP to s.HP. Good combo for punishment situations. Tiger Uppercut can be replaced with Super.

-c.LK, c.LK, c.LK xx Hotfoot Super

c.LK, c.LK is a 2-frame link. I only use this combo when I feel like showing off, the 2 frame links between the low shorts give too much room for error IMO. Looks pretty cool, though. Maximum distance c.LK combos into any lvl Hotfoot Super.

Is s.LP, s.LP, s.MP x Tiger Shot decent? I feel as though I should be doing something else when cancelling the s.MP… DP? TK? If so, then should I omit one s.LP so that Sagat doesn’t get pushed too far away?

s.LP, s.Lp, sMP Tiger shot is decent hit or block.

Don’t use s.lp, Tiger shot in the corner because if blocked, opponent like blanka can counter sweep right after that! blocked s.lp,s.lp, tiger shot seems safe though. I just tried against blanka who has huge range^^ I don’t know if this is safe against people like bison or vega (claw)

s.lp,s.lp,, DP will only combo on fat characters like blanka and the like.

Why do some Sagat players use tiger knees instead of tiger uppercuts in their 2x s.jab combos?

^cuz of the range sometimes. if the guy is far away i use tiger knee after 2 jabs. see what happens if it’s a bit further and u do uppercut. well the answer is u whiff and ur dead