Sagat Combos and Tech


This blockstring is only ideal at range 0 because even then the s LK just barely reaches. s LK can normally combo into either LK Tiger Knee or any version of DP. But it can’t at this range. So, maybe those 2 moves could reach with a kara cancel. I’m not sure; I haven’t tried. EX Low Tiger Shot works.


Might as well post this here. Some frame traps, anti air options and a couple of other things at the end.



f+HK, micro walk f+HK, V Trigger 2, s HK, c MP, f+HP+HK, slightly charged HP+HK, f+MK~HP DP, QCF,QCF+K


I’m just trying to find the best Sagat blockstring. I used Sagat quite a bit in sf4. My Sagat sf4 blockstring was c LK, c LK, c LP. But obviously two c LKs don’t combo and there’s too much pushback for the c LP.

I’m thinking c LK, c LP, s LK as of now for a few reasons.

Looking at Sagat’s frames, c LP is only +1 on block, so there’s definitely a gap before the s LK. But what’s the alternative?

s LP has no range despite how it looks like it should.

s MP doesn’t reach after c LK, c LP. It’s 6f and +3 on block. It isn’t special cancellable!

c MP is another candidate after c LK, c LP, but it’s 7f! So slow! Special cancellable at least.

c HP is 11f.

So, yeah…this definitely isn’t sf4 Sagat. It’s very much a SFV “you must be able to hit confirm 2 lights” Sagat.

s LK can combo into QCF+HK fast low tiger shot, but it usually is to far to combo.

I’m open to suggestions.



Even though it’s way easier to throw raw kara shots, the old kara shot trick still works.


Deep j HK, s HK, c MP, QCF+HP, HP+HK, micro-walk, f+HK, HP+HK, f+HK~DP+HP. The other combos are straightforward but I use f+MK to kara the tiger uppercut in those two combos because the tiger uppercut does’t reach with a f+HK kara. But maybe I’m doing something wrong.


Hey @highlandfireball I wanted to ask you a question, but figured I’d ask it here so it’d be easier to find for others if that’s okay.

I see a lot of Sagat’s doing either s.MP or s.HK, into c.MP xx MK Tiger Knee. Instead of TK, I’ve been cancelling into HP Tiger Uppercut. It gives more damage and leaves the opponent at s.MK range.

I’m curious why most people seem to prefer to cancel into MK Tiger Knee? I know there’s better corner-carry, but the opponent is farther away from you (maybe that’s desired?) and there’s less damage.


It’s basically screen carry since you move with the opponent also. There’s no deep reason other than that. You are basically trying to stay in the opponent’s half of the screen.

Personally I’ll use EX TK a lot if I confirm, for the same reason but better.


Great! Thanks.