Sagat @ EVO 2k12




you guys think sagat will make the cut for top 8?


Depends your draw. I think you need the stars to align to get Sagat high in tourney’s. Too many characters designed to fuck him up. It’s possible though. I think he’s still one of the best alts to have in the game, as a stand alone main he has too many flaws.


this game is too balanced…
i don’t have a clue who will make top 8. too many killers today.

but i’m rooting for either bonchan or leslie to destroy and make it top 8.
if they do, i’m gonna go crazy. but i highly doubt it.


There’s probably more chance of Mago making the 8 and busting out Sagat against Wong or something like that.

I’d love to see Bonchan get top 8 but being realistic, as godlike as he is , I don’t think he’s good enough, nor Leslie. They both got eliminated at Shadowloo although the quality was very high. Evo would be equal to that at least, most likely better.


Is Ryan Hart going? I’m gonna assume RF isn’t.


i think bonchan is good enough but we will see i guess


I’ve sort of changed my mind on Bonchan after the last 2 Majors. He seems to be technically - a wizard and probably the player who you would most want to imitate if you were selecting a perfect model for Sagat.

Tournament wise he just doesn’t seem to cut it though. If it’s match up knowledge that’s lacking or nerves I guess no one can say. I think he’s the type of player who would win large sets by working out his opponent but in knock out elimination he’s just lacking the smarts and brilliance of the really high end players.

(All my opinion of course).


Bonchan might have the same problem that mago does, Mago claims that he is an arcade tournament player, and he is better in the arcades than he is on consoles. I actually know many people like that, they can’t get hype for consoles like they do for arcades.

As for this thread, MAYBE, but I doubt it. Sagat has too many bad match-ups in this game, most top tier characters can handle Sagat pretty easily. He gets beat by most top tiers as well


nah, sagat does have some bad match ups. but all match ups are winnable.

someone just gotta take sagat to the highest level. take sagat to the stars and win EVO.

not easy, but its possible. i think leslie has the best chance to be honest.
theres always that small factor of getting out lamed.
i think the greatest threat to sagat is characters with strong air…
akuma, gen, guy, vega, bison, etc.

if not, a player with a main of sagat and a secondary has a better chance to be honest.


[FONT=Helvetica]Thing is why bother when there are at least 5 characters better than him or at least don’t have his problems. Good players pick the best characters, it’s they way it’s always been. Sure you could pick Sagat and grind through the bad matches or you could pick Cammy/Fei/Akuma/Viper and give yourself the best chance at picking up some serious money and plaudits.

It’s not even like you can bust out some 50/50 gimmicks (Abel/Juri/Ibuki/Sakura/Seth) with him and play reckless to luck your way through matches. Every match is a constant tactical battle. That would be far too taxing for me personally in such a pressure situation. I’d rather just pick Fei long and think about … :qcf::hp: …:smiley: [/FONT]


Honestly, I want to say otherwise, but unless you just like playing Sagat, it’s pretty much true. Sagat has no auto-pilot game plan and his zoning just isn’t scary enough to compensate for that. Still confused why they gave Ryu that hadouken buff when Sagat needed it way more.


Then you have Ken, Ryu, Gouken, Juri, Seth, Fei-long, Cammy, Adon, it’s gonna be a tough climb. There will be some solid Sagats that can definitely overcome bad match-ups, but what is the likely hood? Top players IMO know the Sagat match-up better than any other match-up because of Vanilla, and due to the fact that Sagat for the most part has stayed either the same(frame wise) or relatively worse(TK’s). 4 years of memorizing spacing, safe jumps etc is a big problem for Sagat. And as usual, it all comes down to no


2012 is the most balanced game…
everyone has bad match ups or good match ups.
but all the bullshit in AE can be overcome either way.
we’re gonna be surprised this EVO 2k12, were gonna see hidden dragons that use characters that everyone was sleepin on rise to the top.

if sagat is played correctly… and has some crazy new future age technology, set ups and everything.
sagat CAN make it to top 8, i have faith.
sagat players @ EVO should unite and have a beer with me, no homo.
sagat players around the world just unite and real talk discussion about the game and taking sagat to the next level.


Joe’s pretty much spot on. I think people actually rub their hands together at the prospect of facing Sagat because all of their character specific tech works a charm on him whilst he gets none in return.

They couldn’t even sort the dude’s Ultra out in the corner, left him with some impossible cross under shit that no one uses. Don’t get me wrong though, I’d love to see Sagat get top 8. I actually really enjoy watching Sanford. That guy get’s a real handle on specific players when he puts his mind to it. Doing that across a massive tournament though would be a tough challenge.


re: grabbing some beers

I’m totally down, getting into town on the 5th and staying in caesars, I’m flying solo so I’d love to meet up with some people for some drinks (although I’m turning in early, 1st evo, and I don’t want to be exhausted before it even starts)


Capcom wants him to be average now. They like that the game is centered around vortex and strong oki. Why else would they nerf zoning so hard in general and keep vortex chars relatively strong?

They like they guessing game on KD stuff although the good chars arent even guessing just running an auto pilot mix up but hey if thats what makes Capcom’s dick hard who am i to judge?


Auto pilot works too well now. I’d never touched Cammy since the games inception and picked her up 8 weeks ago. Logged on to you tube , watched some Alioune videos then just copied what he was doing. After 4 weeks I could hold my own against good players, after 6 I was starting to take games off them and getting messages saying “Your Cammy is very good”

I wasn’t even happy, all I could think was " This is fucked up"


coo man, i’m flying solo too.
i’m pretty much the only guy in my crew that is flying. and the people in our scene booked different flights already so yea.

arrive 5th midnight

i’ll keep this thread updated where and when i’ll be drinking. (most likely just at the bar @ caesars)
lol btw, no homo, just players around the world unite and real time talk about AE 2012 and taking sagat to the next level.


first rounds on me, and expect Budweiser. Not bud light, we don’t drink that shit in VA.

& I’m stoked to meet some good people, at the very least to have someone save my seat on finals day for when I have to take a leak, but I’m expecting good people all around.

But yeah, lets numb the pain of our chest scars and nerfs through the wonders of alcohol. Shoot, I’m pretty sure I owe emblemlord a round for all the 'gat dissertations he’s posted over the last few years.


I think to many people under estimate ryan harts sagat. That guy is damn good. Id favor him over leslie.