Sagat execution question

Sagat’s,, c.lp xx tiger uppercut/tiger shot combo underpins a ton of what one does with the character, so I want to learn this correctly.

Up to this point I had been working on it in training room with the stick in the down-forward position. The problem is, if I try to cancel into low TS for chip damage, a TK comes out since I had the stick forward.

Obviously this won’t work, so I’m trying to figure out what the best way to execute the combo is.

Should I start with the stick down or down-back and try to move the stick forward in the middle of the hit confirm to execute the TU, or is physically possible to do the c.lp xx TU cancel in one motion with enough practice?

Ya start with it in db. At least if one of your moves doesn’t come out you’re blocking, and its entirely possible to do any move you want from there. There’s no good reason to start in df.

SF4 has way too many input shortcuts in this game, one of them being that if you go from down-forward, down, down-forward, you’ll get an uppercut, which is what’s happening.

Learn to keep the stick in a down-back position, or a down position. And yes, it’s extremely possible to do c.lp xx TU with practice.

Better to just use imo cr. lk cr. lk Tigershot/Tiger Upper

It’s also more difficult. At least it was in vanilla lol

keep the stick in db. also never have a full stock of super meter cause the inputs are so easy that you will get a super by accident

Not really. Just plink it.

You don’t wanna rely on this unless you’re 100% sure about your spacing since after a cmp the uppercuts will often whiff completely. While using cr.lp xx SRK hardly ever whiffs.