Sagat FADC U1 Issues

Hey guys i’m new to the forums.I’ve been playing sf since sf2 the world warrior but i was never really good or anything. I’ve been maining sagat on ssf4 for a few months now and i have most things down.Some nice combos,block strings, his kara moves ( except for kara ts -_- ) ect, but im have issues with the fadc into U1.I kinda suck at fadc in general and i was hoping for some tips from any high lvl sagat players out there on pulling these combos off. Im using the D pad on the 360 btw.

You cannot play Sagat without reliable TU FADC… it would be a waste of a character slot.
You can do :f:+:mp:+:mk:, :f: in two times instead of three, but don’t let got of mk+mp until you see the dash.

Then, there’s no secret to it, you have to clean up your inputs. Watch them in training mode, if you have a lot parasitic input, work on it. I advise against shortcuts, but to each its own.

Went in training mode and im starting to get the hang of it now.You are right. I find its more about proper input execution, rather than how fast you can input the commands.