Sagat Feedback



Hey guys, I’ve been maining Sagat since vanilla and working hard to improve. I think i have most of the basics down, so I would love to hear some feedback from you guys about my game.

Please take a look at the video and let me know what i can do to improve.




This belongs in the video section. But you got jumped at way too much. Second: If you are going to meaty short Rose, OS block. There is nothing she can do to hurt you in that scenario.


ok so anti-air more and hold down back when using meaty attacks on rose.
thanks, is there anything else?
oh and sorry for posting in the wrong section.


Pressing slightly too many buttons randomly. St-mk is good but it’s not that good!

Also manage your screen better, your backing off too much sometimes, hold your ground , push them back with block strings. Also if you get someone in the corner there’s not much need to go balls deep all the time (or cross them up in the corner - putting your own ass in there). If you plant someone in the corner, make them work to get out. Sit at that mid range and wait it out.


I kind of disagree. If I have Rose knocked down, I want to make her work her ass off to get me off of her. Plenty of meaty shorts OS block trying to bait out her EX reversal that is -6 on block. I mean, her ultra 2 is fast enough to reverse it, so if I think she would just throw it out there, I might back off. But no ultra 2, I’m not giving her an inch. If she back dashes a lot, I’m gonna do a lot of meaty EX TKs on her to get her in a corner. She is one of the weakest characters on wake up IMO, so I’m gonna take advantage of it. The only characters worse on wake up with meter than rose would be Cody, Sakura, Dhalsim, and El Fuerte.


anti air and less random uppercuts. also pushing way to many buttons and getting counter hit for it


Yeah rose you have to attack I agree, but I was more getting at the space control rather than wake up situations, I still never agree with crossing someone up in the corner. It’s kind of hard to judge Sagat up against just Rose and Akuma.


Stop pressing buttons. Don’t jump so much in the corner with sagat. But biggest thing is to stop pressing buttons on wakeup or on a blockstring and only go for a crouchtech if you know theyre not doing a frame trap or you recognize some sort of pattern in their blockstring. dont wake up and do some random crap. everything you do should have a purpose. Watch your spacing and control space. Sagat is a zoning character. You want to maintain pressure rather than block all the time and get pushed to the corner all the time


It’s been 3 years since I got feedback from you guys.
What should I be working on improving?


Your Sagat is already very good. The only things I noticed that you could improve on were maximising damage from combos. E.g., there was one point where you went for crouch short x 2, crouch jab > TS. You should end that with uppercut or TK for more damage. The other thing is you could be applying more kara TS pressure on opponent’s wake-up.

Oh, and you let him jump at that weird range where a TU will miss but not if he presses a button. You can stop that with kara TU.


Thanks for the feedback and compliment. Even though it may seem like I’m decent, I get bodied at the local tournaments. I’ll work on maximizing damage and antiairs.


Well played dude. I just started playing Gat (and streetfighter seriously) in AE so you are my senior in all things sagat. Can’t see many holes from where i’m sitting, however i would have utilized a better punish on the neutral jump there. something like neutral jump mk, cr mp, hp tu.

Also, im not sure about the damage difference, but my first instinct when i saw your jump in fierce connect was to do a kara hp tu.

Watched both vids however and big improvement overall.


I have a hard time hit confirming jumping fierce into Kara tu =/


Lol, gotcha…The window is pretty forgiving though, i’m sure if you ran it through in practice mode you would get it in no time. Especially if you use stick.


I’ll keep this as inspiration :slight_smile:


I think it’s also beneficial to post matches that you lose.

That Ryu played like trash that match.


I posted that video for 3 reasons.

  1. It’s only 2 rounds and it takes forever to upload to youtube
  2. It shows a mix between two styles of defensive play and offensive play.
  3. The ryu player is pretty evenly matched with me (we’re both trash).


lol, i think you should get rid of that tiger knee to tiger uppercut fadc aggression.
that sh1t won’t fly in tourney.
characters will just like, crouching light attack into a combo.
such as chun li into ex leg into U2. its pretty derp…

you’re good with sagat, and your offensive pressure is strong.
just make sure its safe pressure cause i see theres alotta things i wouldn’t do with ryu and a real ryu would find holes in your pressure.

in my opinion, sagat is not about combos or cracking the characer open as like a rush down character…
hes more like playing the game, playign the match.
using time, spacing, health lead, meter, etc all into a factor.
i see you just go in and start pummelling the guy lol.

even justin wong told me this, but the way you spend meter is unneccessary with the ex tiger knee too. like, you’re sagat… characters like fei long are going to walk you and lock you in the corner.
when you’re in the corner, 1 ex meter can change the whole game.
with precision, use that 1 ex meter to escape the corner wtih ex tiger knee to push back the aggression and get out.
its kinda like keep that 1 ex meter as a stock for your wild escape card.

but if you just wanna throw it out there to rush in on block, thats fine.
i’ll just say, after that in mid screen, your options are pretty limited.

other than that bro, good sh1t.
keep that tiger style poppin.

oh and one more thing.
i can’t help but think you did alot of unsafe pressure on the 2nd round to close the match out.
maybe its online your style is like that, but be careful even if you have the lead in 1round.
treat the 2nd round like your last still.
in this vid things definitely went your way, but when it doesn’t…
you can give the opponent with strong composure a better chance to come back.
not tellin you to, just a consideration.


bboysanstorm, could you elaborate on some specifics on things that he did which you wouldn’t attempt against a real ryu?


I think he is referring to the ex knee mix-up into throw, tu, crouch tech ~> combo, or block.