Sagat Frame Traps?



I’m new to playing Sagat, and I was wondering what his useful frame traps were.


I think his cr. lk into cr. mp will work.

but I would also like to know…
and how to do those tiger shot OS into ultra 1(against boxer and stuff)
and any other useful OS’ for sagat would be much appreciated.


low jab low jab
low short low short
low short stand short
low short stand roundhouse
low strong low jab
anything that pushes you out to stand forward range can get you a CH if they’re mashing buttons and then you can link that CH to something as this guy here posted: Sagat Combo Thread
using low fierce after a low short low short or low short low jab to walk back can net you a CH for pretty much the same combos

he doesn’t have very many brain dead frame traps like some characters, you have to really feel out the other guy and know what their button mashing threshold is. if they’re just going to mash on sweep don’t try to get too fancy with them. this is because he doesn’t really have any really good frame advantage normals.

safe tiger knee strings can help but, general they’re not super useful unless you’re confident in your pressure and your advantage after it(it varies greatly if you dont have the spacing right) this video that was posted last month: has some pretty good tiger knee spacing but, he doesnt really get any hits from them. i don’t recall where in the video it was but, i think it was against a fei. skip around a little til you see the fei.


saved me!


Low short x2, low medium kick xx low tiger shot can be good if you know they won’t be mashing a reversal in between your block strings.

Also, it’s not really the usual frame trap but you can sometimes land this: after knockdown get near your opponent as they’re getting up (not close but around max range) and xx low tiger shot after they get up. If you notice they like to press normals after they get up they’ll get hit. If you have meter to burn you can also FADC into xx tiger uppercut for additional damage.


He needs a move that turns him horizontal that would be the greatest frame trap.


meaty, walk up,

#8 is kind of deceptive, only because it looks better than it actually is but I never see many people using it. Usually followed up by cr.lp xx LTS.


I don’t think the hitbox for is all that useful for frame traps. It can sometimes be used as an anti-crossup against an opponent jumping from a very close distance though.


There’s actually quite a bit it can AA including tatsu’s and stomps. The problem is the two different animations. If they made the input back + mp I think there would be less hesitation in using it. Right now if you miss time it and get his retarded it’s goodnight.


I sincerely wish he could have b+mp as that normal. That would be so amazing.


I think he had b+mp in Alpha 3 (I could be wrong though). Yeah it’d be so useful if he could use cl on command. Why couldn’t Capcom give him this when they were making adjustments. Instead they changed his Angry Scar command. So backwards man.


I’m fine with the Angry Scar adjustment. Too many times when I wanted a DP I got a Angry Scar, and too many times when I wanted Angry Scar I’d get a DP. :frowning:

Although to be fair I still get Tiger Knee sometimes when I do an Angry Scar, so I don’t even know how that works. XD