Sagat Help Against Yun



Hey, so i was playing in a small tournament, and i just always get bodied by Yun. I do main Sagat, but i just didnt know what to do against Yun. Help please??


You kick him


I personally think this is a bad matchup for sagat, but if you do use him make sure and mix up the speed of your tiger shots. Also mix up some ex tiger shots in there to catch him off guard when he tries to focus dash through your fb’s.


This is the complete opposite of what is true.


This is a good matchup for Sagat. alone can win the match.

Divekick height restriction make it completely different from Cammy ex TKCS or Rufus divekick and a lot weaker to anything Sagat can throw. HTS,,, TK pressure will all be reliable in this matchup. Sure, you’ll eat ex shoulders once or twice but you have enough life to sustain it. And Yun’s health does not like Sagat’s comeback factor.