Sagat in Evo 2009

Is it me or did I not see one decent match with Sagat. I watched the live feed when I could and I’ve been through alot of the youtube videos so far and I haven’t found a single sagat match :confused: I was excited to see some high level players and got bupkiss.

If Sagat is so OP :rolleyes: how come I didn’t see any matches :rofl:

LI Joe put on a decent show in the 5v5. He was the EC’s only loss though if i remember correctly

LI Joe and SoMuchDamage put on some nice shows in the 5on5. Paul also had a close match with Shaky D

It’s cuz in America, it is frowned upon for high level players to pick S Tier rank characters



But seriously I think it’s one of the most common match-ups everyone knows what to do against him, so you have to be exceptional to win at that level. Sagat is pretty much the first match-up you have to learn if you wanna go anywhere.

riceSRK is right, there was a secret meeting with the fighting game illuminati to hold a soft-ban on sagat for this tournament. iloveujoe somuchdamage and ryan hart were granted exceptions IF AND ONLY IF they would throw their matches by missing combos and losing to abels (there was an agreement with juicebox, i was there and i saw it) and thus making sure there were no sagat’s in the top 8 so everyone would finally shut the fuck up and stop gaying up the sagat sub-forum IN ADDITION to letting the sf4 elites still use sagat cause not as many people will complain anymore and thus dominating tournies with sagat once evo was over.

it was all apart of the master plan.



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

lol he still loses though.

I think this Evo proved that Sagat is not OP. SFIII 3S’ Chun-Li is OP. Notice how almost all 3S games have a Chun-Li vs Chun-Li? Yes, that is the true power of OP. If anything, Evo showed that maybe Akuma needs a nerf. Nah, but the scrubs will claim Akuma needs his combo to have 15% less damage and that he have less life. :lol:

Evo proved that US sagat players have a long way to go.

Most people that complain about Sagat are American though, horrible American scrubs who blame Sagat for their lack of skill, what are we to do about these scrubs?

We Tiger Shot them in the face! Cause thats just what we do!

After all…remember how all the scrubs say that Sagat is OP because all the players do it tiger shot spam.

If sagats so broken why did know one use himt top 8 and people will say because of the skill level of the other players. No there would have been 1, Look at Soul calibur 4 Hilde who is completly over powered had 3 top 8 and the guys who used them had no skill what so ever

So just back off…

i think every top player has SO much experience vs sagat that the sagat player no longer has any advantage as the tiers suggest. A lot of top players still pick sagat just they dont do well because everyone knows what to look for and what not to do. (not that i know :xeye:, im talking from a pro’s pov)

It’s not that U.S. sagat’s got worked. It’s just that the players using sagat weren’t the best players at evo. They lost when they should have lost.

How far did Iloveu get I was hoping it could maybe go top 8?

I think this pretty much sums it up.

Come to think of it, I didn’t see a single Sagat match the entire sunday. Guess they all got wiped out.

DA DAMAGE didn’t get him the win though :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I learnt this though