Sagat is disappointing

I just got the game at the midnight launch and i am very upset with what capcom did with sagat. Not the damage but all his moves feel slow as hell and i am being punished on well spaced tiger knees and its all just a bunch of crap. He’s still good but im very upset in his tiger knee and his tu is super nerfed to the max. I dont know who to main…sagat just makes me sad. Please give advice, thoughts, or anything that will help. Thanks…

Ha ha taste your own medicine :razzy:
Vega the beauty one rules all :bgrin:

Start learning them new herp derp angry scar combos

now you have to learn how to use your special moves, yes they should be punishable. almost everyone elses are. so… deal with it.

juri seems up your alley, just spam jumping dive kick, far spin wheel move, repeat

He’s still playable. You just gotta WORK for the damage now -__-

LOL You think he sucks now. Wait until you run into a decent Guy. He rapes Sagat. I’m being 100% serious.

His moves are 99% the same. He *gained *cancelable s.HK I think.

i feel ur pain, they nerfed my lariat with Gief man lol

Nerf City here we come :D:party::smile:

Get good

Main a low tier character, then go back to sagat. that will be an eye opener for you

Aww yeah!
No more dealing with OP Sagat.

Brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Your tears taste so sweet!

Good sagat players will still win.

This is too good

Sagat OP???

OK kids your full of shit. And this is coming from a Vega mainer. Play a game other SF 4 to learn what the fuck OP is. Dumb shits like you stupefy good games.

Yall need to play sum ST. That’s what top tier Sagat looks like.

Anyway TC you are scrub. Just saying.

Ok so in the end of the day im actually feeling much better. I have actually adjusted and am learning various ways to use the angry scar. Sagat is still my main and it will stay that way. Sticking with Sagat will only improve my knowledge and skill which will allow me to learn new things as i progress with this game.

Boxer and Sim are better than O.Sagat in ST. How can a game where he was clearly the best character show that he was better in a game where he was worse?