Sagat Kara tigershot

I dont understand how this move really works and wanted to get some advice on how to perform this move. Tell me what you think. Thank you…

Funny that you are interested in the kara tiger shot even though it’s the hardest one to do, the others being karaing tiger knee and tiger uppercut. Basically kara’s work because you are able to cancel any move upwards(even specials) if you cancel it upwise in priority. I heard that this system was in place so we can ultra and super and possibly do specials better. Otherwise we’d end up getting lights and normal attacks rather than our supers and ultras all the time.

Eitherway you want to F+LK and tigershot motion. Doing it with uppercut and tigerknee is easy if you haven’t already. The tigershot is tricky because tigerknee will come out, i assume you need to F+LK and let the joystick got back to neutral ASAP. And then kara a tigershot as late as possible so that it comes out. If you can’t get any karas coming out, Just do a typical tiger knee/tiger uppcut type of motion, but press LK as you do the forward motion, and you’ll have an ezmode kara there.

I can see how this can be useful in a match, but I have yet to see why better players don’t use it (mago etc). It’s probably because it’s just a more complicated way to do what gat players have been doing forever via walking… But I could be wrong.

For kara tiger shots it’s easier just to use a HCF for the tiger shot. That should avoid a knee or uppercut coming out.

like fuck he doesn’t

[media=youtube]xHDRQYPBNJE[/media] 45 sec mark

what are you talking about? Many top level sagat players kara TS.

The trick to doing kara-tigershots is already having a tigershot on screen. Notice that whenever you see sanford or mago do kara tigershot its always following a normal tigershot. Thats because it is extremely unreliable to do straight kara tigershot because of the motions you will most likely get a kara tiger uppercut. So in order to do kara tigershot first you throw out a normal tigershot, preferably medium or light. Then as your first tigershot is either about to hit your opponent or go off the screen, you in put qcf and hold forward, then hit RH, and then the button for your desired tigershot. What SHOULD happen is that while the first tigershot is still on screen, your qcf motion + rh should not produce a tigershot because you already have one projectile on screen so instead you should get the f+rh animation, but once your first tigershot either goes off screen or dissipates into your opponent you are free to shoot another tigershot. So if you timed it well enough your first tigershot should either hit the opp or fall off screen after you hit your roundhouse button but before you hit the button for the tigershot. This is how you get consistent kara-tigershots.

So in summary this is whats happening:
-Throw normal tigershot (either medium or light, rh version goes too fast i think but you can experiment and see)
-as tigershot is about to either hit opp or fall off screen input qcf hold forward + RH (but make sure you hit rh BEFORE the tigershot dissapears)
-after the tigershot disappears hit your desired button for the next tigershot (hit this button AFTER the tigershot dissapears)

Hope that helps.

Learn to kara tu and tk before learning the ts. That way you understand the properties of kara moves. Learn the and versions. Then practice the version of ts as posted above which is the easiest of the two versions. The version can be done w/o another ts on the screen but is trickier to pull off but can be done with practice. What I do is input then half circle foward but has to be done a slight slower than the other kara moves. The timing is tricky but training mode will help, if tu or tk come out your doing the motions too fast if just a comes out obviously didnt do it quick enough. Hope it helps.

Roundhouse version isn’t that hard. Just as a previous Tiger Shot is about to hit/be blocked/leave the screen, input :qcf:+:hk:, if you time it right, you should start the f+roundhouse motion, only to have it immediately cancelled into another tiger shot.

The kara tu or tk is easy to do but its jus the ts that gives me a problem. Im a aggressive sagat player and jus wanted to get this technique down and always struggle trying to get this move to come out. But I thank all of you for your advice.

CHILLL… Man you really got worked up there. It’s not that big of a deal that I’m wrong. This is the newbie section, stow the rage yo.

As for my opinions, I got them from watching mago x daigo. Is this a relatively new tech?

Nah, it’s been around for a little under a year at this point.

He is chill mang, it’s just the internet, don’t take everything personally.

Also it’s been around since SF3, and maybe sooner since I don’t really know my FG history.

Edit: Oh you meant just that move, not karas in general. Yeah what Cryoh said.


HCF + button

doing a HCF instead of a QCF gives you the extra time in between the F. LK and the QCF motion, (which if done quickly would be a DP motion which is why a TU would come out)

TL:DR do F. LK then HCF + button