Sagat long dash tech (?)



Hey guys, I posted this in the Newbie section, but thought I’d share with you guys since your character seems to get the most from it.

The explanation is in the Newbie section if you need an explanation as to whats happening, but in short, an FADC dash travels much further than his regular dash. Can this be useful? I don’t know. Sorry if y’all already knew.


sanford uses that alot to sneak in’s after dash since people get caught a bit off guard on certain distances.


Wow, never even knew this existed (I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since I’ve only just started playing Sagat). It probably has a lot of complex applications given how spacing heavy Sagat is. Hypothetical ex) You’re at a specific range where if your opponent jumps right as you normally dash, you’ll still be too far for a TU to connect. If you focus dash instead you’ll be at a proper range and now can capitalize on a predicted jump better. This is a completely hypothetical ex off the top of my head.


I noticed this back in Super, it works with a lot of characters. The reason for it, at least in my mind, is to let Sagat get in tight off of a focus crumble. A lot of times with sagat if you Dash forward do a into TK the combo will be bastardized because you’ll only get one hit of the knee. Off a crumble, the staff(i’m guessing) wanted you to be VERY in tight to make sure these types of situations didn’t occur.