Sagat looking to learn match up



I’m a sagat player looking to play some Akuma players to help learn the match-up. My xbl username is yung2dgod. Just me a message on live & we can play. Thanks in advance.


My advice:


You’re screwed, pick another character against Akuma. LOL


Thanks for the advice. Are you a Akuma player


Yeah, it was a half joke/half serious comment :smiley:
Sagat is especially made to eat akuma’s fs.hp.
Those things are going rack up the damage and stun more than ever. Combined with the increased recovery on high tiger shots.
Even without the vortex, I believe the advantage akuma had only increased.

You can try to learn the matchup ofcourse, but you can also just pick evil Ryu/Ken to even the odds.


Yeah I’ve played the match up I’m really looking for some constant practice Akuma players. It feels hard but with practice I kno I can get better at it


It’s a hard matchup for Gat.


Had some games with shinakuma204 ima lab up something’s. def a hard match when constently getting blitzed.


Just throw tiger shots until we close the gap, then round house/dp when we’re in range. Lol.