Sagat looking to learn the match up



I’m a sagat player looking to play some Vega players to help learn the match-up. My xbl username is yung2dgod. Just me a message on live & we can play. Thanks in advance.


Hey man, didn’t you see that thread that viper player made? You don’t beat Claw! You don’t learn the match up! You are not allowed to learn about holding down back against him!



So you don’t want to get some games in… Just tryna play against vega.


I’m just joking. I actually don’t have XBL, but when I’m at my friend’s house I’ll look out for you. Where are you at? West coast? Connections are better for us there.


I live in Florida so EST


Ah, that’s no good. Lag kind of kills the match in those cases. If we played you wouldn’t learn much :frowning: Oh, hit up @Eternal. I’m pretty sure he’s EC and he plays online, and has a streaming channel. You’d probably have a much better connection to him and he’s a better Vega anyway.


Thanks for the heads up ill try to see if I can get ahold of him.