Sagat looking to learn the matchup



I’m a sagat player looking to play some Honda’s to help learn the match-up. My xbl username is yung2dgod. Just me a message on live & we can play. Thanks in advance.


Throw fireballs, you win.

But more on point with some specific matchup advice, while Sagat has an advantage in this matchup you HAVE to have a good grasp of your fireball game. There’s three main ranges that this fight takes place at:

Full-Screen: This is the optimal location you wanna be at as Sagat. From here you have freedom to use your Fireball game to its max potential while Honda tries to figure out how to get in. If Honda jumps, you need to either have or Kara DP on deck for him. Mix in some feints/Kara Tiger shots so that Honda can’t read your fireball timing.

Mid-Screen: While not as advantageous for you, it’s still a strong position for Sagat to stand in. Strong buttons for you to stick out at Footsies range are, (cancel it into tiger shot to beat focus!), c.hp and S.HK. Also, learn how to space some safe tiger knees to beat focus attempts. At this range you have to be careful if Honda is holding a charge because he can Headbutt over your Low Tiger shots. Sagat has to be more cautious at this range, but not so much that he’s afraid to control space.

Buttons Honda wants to hit at this range are,, s.hp and c.jab. Focusing on Honda isn’t such a good idea because he can cancel a c.jab into HHS if he’s expecting you to want to focus some of his more laggy moves. Other things Honda likes to do are neutral jump HP (something he does in this matchup anyways) and Headbutt.

Close Range: This is not prime real estate for Sagat. If you allow Honda to get it on you, he’s gonna have a lot more offensive options to exercise on you. Try to read what Honda wants to do after jab x Hands that’s blocked. Some Hondas like to butt-slam to catch jumps, others like to Headbutt to bait low moves and others like to dash up/ walk up and attempt more offense (oicho, jab x Hands again). It’s a guessing game but a lot of those options are not blocking so if you have meter to spend, you can DP and try to blow up Honda for being too aggressive.

Useful Punishes to know:

MP, HP Headbutt can be punished by:
Kara DP, Ultra 2 (any range), Ultra 1, Super

LP Headbutt can be punished by:

Sumo Splash can be punished by:

Focus Attack (non reversal), DP

BigHawk did a really good guide from the Honda perspective on how to Fight Sagat. Take a look at it and see what you can apply to your own Personal Sagat game:


Thanks for the information. Are you a Honda player???


I am! :slight_smile:

But unfortunately I’m on PSN. I know a few of the other Hondas in this forum are hella good and would be able to go a few rounds though. Good luck!


I struggled vs Honda until I started using F.Hk.


if you have XBL add me, rawbertson, i have a lot of experience in this matchup


Thanks ima be on Xbox live after work hopefully I can get some games in.