Sagat Newbie - Help



I played the first SF 2 at a few friends house and bought the SF IV after receiving an XBOX 360 and not enjoying other fighting games. I like the game, but I am horrible at it. Using Sagat, here are some of my issues:

I don’t do well against Cammy. I try to block, but I don’t know when to attack (when I try I am usually hit w/ her next attack). I get FU in the corner. I can win sometimes using TU, but it is just getting lucky. (I get hit trying to use TS).

I am not good at transitioning from block to attack (How do you know when it safe to stop the block and start the attack).

I never use the super or ultra combo b/c I frequently mess it up, so it is easier not to use.

I can not get past the first challenge mode b/c I can not do a kick cancel.

I only beat the computer b/c I corner them and then continually grab them

The only weapons I use are S.HK, H/EX TK, H TU, H TS, and grab.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Also, does it matter what two buttons you push for EX attacks.

Is there any reason I need the 3 kick/punch buttons (not really good for my left hand)

What is FDAC, kara cancel, dash cancel, etc.?

At what point to you input the ultra after knocking someone in the air?


My advice, post less, play (and read) more.
About 3/4ths of your issues could be resolved by practicing and playing more.

You questions could all be answered by reading the stickies, except maybe for the ultra one. Input it as soon as you can and you won’t really go wrong at this level.


Can someone answer this for me too? Is it some sekret sauce technique that I didn’t know? No wonder I suck at this game :pleased:




Thanks guys, I have been reading the posts. I only have the computer to play against, so its not like a get chance to learn a lot. Just looking for a little help since I don’t know what half of these things mean (rtfm, fdac, etc) I need help in plain English, like your help on inputing the ultra right after. I guess things to look for in the timing (ie- press focus until you see the move canceled, before, or after?). Again, thanks.


look around more.

are good places to start.

help with the fake kick to get through the trial, you can find many tutorials on youtube.

good luck and read the beginner stuff until you understand it.


Check, thanks. I just started reading the top thread that probably should bbe listed for newbies. I got the Fake kick finally by luck. I don’t think I will need it for anything. I still need to work on my canceling. A bit of good information I found on the forum below that I think the other newbies are looking for (the way it is explained).

You just have to know the timing for this. As a general guideline, you are really teching the throw a little bit AFTER you have been thrown. A little bit. You just have to practice it. It’s supposed to be hard to time, that’s what keeps it balance.



that should help you out somewhat…

also against spammy cammy, blocking then start lk into a combo works…


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The fake kick can be a useful tool against jittery opponents.
It’s really only useful with a TE stick, though. I have a controller and I have to mash like crazy or do the to fake… Neither would really be effective in tourney. lol


with a controller you just need to roll your middle and index finger over the trigger. Once you get the timing down it is stupid easy and you can toss it you whenever you want.


Hmm… I guess I’ll keep trying then…
Never mind me!