Sagat option select anti-throw idea

Now that Evo2k6 is over, i can share my top secret strategy. Let’s say you have 2-3 levels of meter stored and you get knocked down or something. If you’re playing against someone short like Cammy or Sakura, they have an annoying tendency to just walk up and throw you. When you’re expecting them to try, do s.LP xx lvl2/lvl3 hotfoot.

Think about it. If they try to do a throw, they will get hit by the jab and the super. If they duck, you won’t waste meter. If they high block the jab, the super will connect. Now go use this secret knowledge to beat down your roommates.

Sup man, it’s funny we made our two threads the exact same time. I dunno if you wanna add this tip to my thread, but it would be appreciated since it’s perfectly suited for my thread. And it’s sorta funny I have something slightly similar to what you said also haha.


Nescu69: When the mods come back from Evo, you can have them merge the threads or something. What i said is slightly different from what you said in your thread. Yours is a mixup, trying to get the opponent to guess wrong. You’re trying to get Sagat to whiff the jab then super. My idea requires you to do the jab xx super fast enough so that if the jab whiffs, super never comes out. If the jab is blocked high, then the super should be unblockable. Btw i was kidding about the STSFN bit. I thought of this like two days ago and i wasn’t planning on entering at Evo anyway.

Who plays C sagat anymore?

You serious? :confused:

the usual mix up to sak walk up throw is walk up and low shorts

imo if you’re gonna take the risk and try to counter a throw attempt, just go for a verifiable combo (generally starting with low shorts) instead