Sagat overpowerd or overated?



its has become clear to me that sagat is powerful,has one of the fastest projectiles,and has alot of health.also his tiger uppercut (shoyu move) breaks every move i can think of.:wtf:.does anyone belive that he is overpowered .or is he just overated?if i posted in the wrong section for this type of thing ,my bad. im new to this website:sweat:

Edit:from now on id like for eveyone to start putting Overrated or Overpowerd so i can start polling it.


There are so many other threads about this. I’m not trying to be mean, but you should have really looked at the other threads. You don’t even really need the search function.

Addressing topic at hand: As far as I can tell, there’s not consensus in terms of discussion. Then again you’ll get people on the 3S Sean forum who think “Sean’s unblockable makes him god tier!” even though that game has been out for a while. So the community might never reach a uniform consensus. That said, as far as I have read, Sagat doesn’t dominate the tournament brackets. So that means either

  1. Tournament players suck at Sagat
  2. Not enough good Sagat players enter tournaments
  3. People find Sagat boring so he isn’t picked as much. As such he is misrepresented in population analysis.
  4. Sagat isn’t super broken.

I don’t know which one I believe. I just thought I’d share my thoughts.

Edit: This was supposed to be a joke. Someone didn’t get it so I got rep bombed. The point was that no matter how good Sagat seems in theory, in practice he isn’t super broken.


Sean has an unblockable?


Yes, Sagat is boring to play. His pewee steps piss me off for whatever reason.


I think most pros just find him boring to use since he has been dominant in ST for so long so they just say fuck Sagat and play someone else.


how is this supposed to be a valid reason for sagat not to dominate at tourneys? i dont know but imo it was all CvS2 and 3s for the last 10 years, if sagat would be as cheap as in ST, tourneys would be FLOODED with sagats.

  1. People have played against Sagat enough to know the proper way to counter him with their character.


The above, while sounds good, isn’t exactly telling of Sagat’s performance. Your statement is an endless loop – perhaps one day they will counter how people read their Sagat, and so on and so forth.

Honestly I’d say he’s not super broken, but he’s quite solid. Being broken in my opinion is simply being good while trying less – and he does pull that off nicely.


You’re asking this in a Sagat forum…

What would you expect?

Any match below pro level, Sagat is overpowered.
Any match at pro level and beyond, Sagat is almost like any other character.

People are forgetting that SF4 went through balance tests. One of the reasons why Deejay and T. Hawk couldn’t make the cut for reasons both time restriction and balance purposes.

Sagat is very powerful if in the right hands and his learning curve is somewhat different than the others.

Using him requires the basics and knowledge of special moves in exchange for difficulty in executing links.

This requires extensive knowledge, timing, practice, and understanding links.

Those that whine and complain about him have obviously never taken Sagat very far and hence, they haven’t ventured far enough to find his weakness.

Sagat just takes a step above other characters below the pro level because of the options he has to defend himself with in the special move department. Then when you get to a pro level, you will need to link because other players are well aware of what certain characters are good at and executing an Ultra in a footsies game is critical in advancing your skill play. This is what takes the longest to improve your Sagat gameplay.

Most of the other characters usually have moves that revolve around having fireballs thrown at them, if not, then just time the jump. Duh. It’s not hard, again, it’s back to basics because you can’t bitch and complain if you know a 20+ hit combo that takes full health if you can’t even jump over a bad fireball and punish.

Fyi, Sagat has been toned down much after the previous Street Fighters because he can’t really trap you in the corner with Low Tiger Shots as much and his cross over is jLK. If I’m correct, has a shorter block stun that other character’s crossover because they leave him with very little time to land and execute links or throw.

He’s basic, solid, and easy to play. Easy to get good at but difficult to be GREAT at.

A little off-topic: Ever wondered how Sagat got his scar? Well yeah, what else? The almighty Reversal Shoryuken.

Reversal reversal? Use it, that is his weakness duh. You can’t link mash with Sagat and pull off an Ultra like you would with other characters cancel into a special move etc. You have to TIME it, hence why you see most Sagat players avoid footsies and stick to the quick 1-2s for chip.

In the end. Just overrated, why? Probably because they failed the basic fundamental test. So instead of doing front flips, they failed the Tiger Gymnastics and ended up doing a back flip.


His a bit too good. His damage and/or health should be decreased a bit.


i say sagat should stay the same. x Z 3 2 x has a really good point.


excellent pt. my friend.


I think his biggest weakness is his limited links. it takes strict timing while Ryu & Blarog just smash jab. I was actually knocked out of a fierce Tu with a jabbing Ryu.


Sagat didn’t get hit by a reversal Shoryuken BTW.

Ryu essentially sucker punched him with a Shoryuken.




Tbh, I do not see many Sagats beside myself online, mainly Kens, Ryus, Blankas, and sometimes a Bison or Zangief.

Sagat isnt OP. He just has great zoning abilities. No nerf Sagat please. I think the game is perfect except I think Honda should be able to go through fireballs with his ex headbutt and Cammy have a little bit of invincibilty with her ultra…


Neither, he is quite powerful and people, such as myself, are appropriately wary of his abilities.



Sagat isn’t overpowered, x Z 3 2 x knows all about that.


I’m still learning, but…can I just say, word?


people that play Sagat say he’s overrated people who don’t say he’s overpowered.