Sagat pressure strings

Can anyone tell me what Sagat’s best pressure string is?

Against tall people I use crossup, st.lpx3, I also use cr.lkx2,cr.mkxxlow tiger shot in a run groove

Can anybody tell me how to combo two of sagats feirces in a combo. I know it can be done ive seen it the guy was in c groove and he rolled and did a crouching fierce into standing feirce and it comboed. someone help

counter hit

non-counter hits:

meaty crouching fierce, crouching fierce (one frame link)

meaty crouching fierce, standing fierce (two frame link)

Ok, everybody stop asking already.

New to CvS2… Started to use sagat in K-groove. Kinda decent with him but need more advice. I need help in combo to xx. Also need help in fending off chun-li. When she gets in too close, I can’t figure out a way to push her off before I get guard crushed.


ok haha i suck with terms

meaty = wake up right?

so when you say meaty c. fp does that mean when i’m waking up or the oponent is waking up??

sorry for sounding like a newbie ;p

meaty = you do an attack as the opponent is lying on the ground, and he gets up into it.

wake up = You’re knocked down on the ground, and you do an attack as you get up (ie. a reversal dp). Also called a pop-up move.

There’s a big list of all these terms on or sonichurricane I think.

Actually, meaty is just hitting the opponent with the later frames of your move isn’t it? for example, you can knock them out of the air with close standing fp, then land a meaty cr.fp without having to “knockdown” your opponent. Just wanted to mention that so people don’t think you can only do meaty attacks after knockdown.

edit: changed the example since i just realized i’m in a sagat thread.

meaty is when they are getting up. always been like this.

poke strings:

do whatever teh fuck u want, it doesnt matter in the end cause poke strings are never safe, so it all depends if ur opponent is random or has big balls or maybe he is psychic.

the better u can control some1 offensively and defensively, the better ur poke strings. if ur opponent feels u are weak and dont have a good ability to punish (or if he knows u dont know good combos), then he can make up an infinite number of poke strings.

having said all this…i like…

c. short, c. short, c. forward works on everyone and is pretty damn safe.

If the opponent rolls, you stick out an early d.HP, and the opponent gets up into it, the attack also counts as a “meaty”.

I said d.HP, d.HP xx super only works on a waking opponent and when done as a meaty right? Well, it works when the opponent rolls into it as well. The d.HP is also a meaty attack in that instance.

Meaty- Hitting with the latest possible frames of an attack.

I wrote “when you do it on a waking opponent” to make it easy for the beginner to understand.

Read what the guy above you posted if you want the most generally accepted definition. He did a better job of explaining it than I did, and he’s right too.

meaty existed in old school days when there was no roll or shit like that. back then, meaty meant doing an attack so the guy wakes up from the ground into the hit sprite from that attack. meaty hasn’t changed meaninings unless i missed something.

don’t even talk old school man, it’s was even worse back then, have you ever teched out of bison’s throw in ST only to eat a MEATY standing lk into another throw? or Sim’s slide xx noogies? Barlog’s Headbutt into MEATY Those are pretty old school examples. If you want to reach WAY back, if you standing jab an opponent in SF2, he will flip out of the air, which sets up a chance for a meaty attack by moving to position and start the attack before he lands. Think MEATY sonic booms after someone flips out of the air.

Just because the easiest way to set it up is after a knockdown doesn’t make meaty attacks only apply to attacks after a knockdown.

kcxj: yea, i figured you just wanted to make it easier to understand, just wanted put that in so beginners won’t think that’s the only way to do it.


oh, and there are SAFE poke strings…if you read the frame data on your moves, you’ll notice that some jabs give +6/+7 after the block, meaning if you have another move that comes out in less than 6/7 frames, they can’t do anything other than block that move either.

For example, Sagat’s standing jab gives +6 after block according to the book, and comes out in 4 frames, meaning they HAVE to block it. the give -2 frames after the block, mean if you do nothing afterwards, they could counter with a 2 frame move, like a jab, PROVIDED that they can do a 0 frame link, AND the move can reach, which i don’t think any exists. In other words, this poke string is 100% safe.

Quoting Jchen.

Also a common term that is used in conjunction with Reversals is
the “Meaty Attack”. A Meaty Attack is an attack that is timed so that
the enemy will get up into it after being knocked down. In other
words, if the enemy tries to perform a move when they get up against
your Meaty Attack and he/she mistimes it so that they do not perform a
Reversal, they will get hit the instant they get up. An example of a
Meaty attack would be Bison’s Crouching Roundhouse (HK). If you knock
the enemy over, and then do Bison’s long-lasting slide attack and time
it so that the enemy gets up into it, that is considered a Meaty

About poke strings, they are never safe…cause of alphacounters. If you wanna get less technical and start getting REALISTIC (aka DONT LIVE OFF OF FRAME DATA), poke strings can get eaten up by:

alpha counters
safe supers (sagat lvl tiger raid)
psychic uppercuts

They have their uses…in certain situations. But i would not wanna poke string too much against dangerous characters, especially since the most dangerous characters can fuck up almost ur whole life bar in one combo.

First off, I sorry for everyone here who wants to learn something, but when people are giving bad advice, I get pretty peeved.

dude, a 2 frame link is as REAL as you can get. and you’re going to alpha everytime? what kind of crazy bar building tactic do you have? especially when you don’t poke?

and it’s pretty hard to eat supers or activates when they are STILL in block stun. Unless they’re using Raiden, it’s pretty hard to combo after the alpha counter.

as for parrying, it saves you from every normal pressure tactic, but then you play differently against p-grooves than you do other grooves. as for jd’ing, it doesn’t always give you frame advantage back.

When ppl talk about cvs2 technicially, everyone is going to have to talk about frame data. When you talk about punishing poke strings with uppercuts, supers, activates…if the frames arent’ there for you to do the moves, you can’t punish. Look at that, frame data hard at work for you.

I never solely use frame data to see what moves to do…if that was true, everyone would be jabbing the entire round since it gives the most frames.


Not every character has +6 jabs…and not even the best players take perfect advantage of frame advantage because they STILL require some manual dexterity…maybe not for the +6 moves, but the +2 ones, yes.

There will ALWAYS be holes in even the best player’s offense. The reason it seems so safe is because MOST ppl dont have the balls to act on their intution, so they just take it anywa. But with CVS2 and other gayish games, this is going away. Lvls are so easy to build now in C-groove, and with A-groove, random activations/supers are more useful then ever. Rolling, Counter-rolling, alpha counters, parrying, jd’ing, and SUPER/CC’s … all that shit provides an escape from dominant pressure strings.

I never DENIED that certain strings flowed together well. They just aren’t impossible to beat. But don’t make it sound like frame data is something you NEED to win. The best players in SF were OG, and there was no frame data back then that players relied on. Ppl can tell what moves are dominant from experience. I don’t need a book telling me this move is +6, just like i dont need a book to tell me that Sagat is a good character.

Do you even know what thread you’re in when you bs? This is the sagat thread…and his standing jab is +6. Like i said, if you don’t have the frames to pull a move, you can mash all you want, but nothing is going to come out. It’s like saying you can uppercut/super/roll/activate/whatever you list in between 2 of sagat’s jabs.

I never said you NEED frame data to win, i said when you want to talk about the game in a technical sense, you will eventually need to talk about frame data. But since you were saying you can uppercut out of poke strings like the example of st.jab,, i gave you frame data to proove to you that you can’t uppercut between it when done correctly.

Playing fighting games always require manual dexterity, that’s why games require practice. There are holes to offense, but when you do poke strings, you won’t always find holes.

I said poke strings are never safe and they aren’t. Counter rolls and alpha counter are 2 ways out. I never said u can uppercut between a Sagat s. jab and a c. forward. And anyways, frame data means nothing in SF because all the technical stuff can be figured out intuitively, and by learning the game by experience and intuition, you become 10x better then if u were to learn by the book.

I’m done here, this discussion is boring me. Frames bore me. Play the game.

Geese, y do u do this shit? Let’s say for instance u do AC me once in my poke string, u won’t be doing it the whole match. sooner or later u’ll run out of guard meter. Some poke strings are harder to get out of than others. For instanse let’s say i was doing s.jab (+6), which is a two frame link. we’ll just say i did it perfectly once and u couldn’t dp through it. now let’s say i try it again but this time i mess up the timing a little and end up doing the 1 frame late. do u have the balls to try and dp me through that? if u mess up you’ll catch counter hit into lvl 2 tiger cannon. In A3 if u try to hit me out of a poke string and i land a counter hit on u, u r basically fucked. ggpo. That’s y sometimes it’s just better to block rather than try to dp through everything. Everyone does fine without frame data, but it does help a lot. Everyone knew how good kyo’s was b4 the data came out, so u bringing that up as an issue was uncalled for.

this technically isn’t about pressure strings but it’s close enough.

do any of you guys have some kind of pattern when you’re zoning?

like i notice a lot of people like to do s.short, c.fierce, s.fierce when barely out of range…or something like that.

do you guys actually have patterns or is it all just sitting/turtling until you’re opponent does something? or mindless rushing?

i just started playing sagat, and i find myself getting outzoned by more experienced sagat players.