Sagat pressure strings

i’m surprised you mentioend c.strong. i never seen anyone use this move…

also…do you ever use j.fierce as an AA? i mean at least once in a while or so…

c.strong can be used as a good meaty attack. If the c.strong hits, you got plenty of time to react and link a c.short into a super combo.

The only time I use j.fierce for AA is when im trying to stop chun li from jumping in.

But when Sagat is in the corner, Im starting to find that j.strong is more reliable than j.fierce for AA against chun li.

okay, lots of senseless arguing

i knock them down with my k-sagat and i start running at them, what do i do?

some of options (suggestions and comments are more than welcome)

meaty c. fp, c. mk, lk tiger shot
c. lkx3, c. mk, lk tiger shot (seems like if i miss time the c. mk, they can roll throw me or pound out supers)
c. lk, s. lp x2 or 3, c. mk, lk tiger shot
c. lk, c. fp

should i throw tiger shots at the end? or end with s. mk’s and c. fp’s?

Basically I want to know how I’m safe in general. Without considering the obvious of alpha counters. I hate doing block strings and getting roll and thrown.

Basic run strings would be nice too. Thanks in advance.

i say sagat strings that dont combo will get snuffed

Sagat’s max range light attack, followed by d.MK xx low tiger shot (any strength) leaves him very open to a rolling groove Sagat’s roll. Just don’t do it. s.LP, d.HP, wait to see what the opponent does is superior (Tiger Uppercut if he jumps at you, punish the roll if he rolls, intelligent low Tiger Shot if he wants to dash or loves blocking, press d.HP again to cleanly counter hit opponent if he pressed something stupid like like out of range d.MK).

If I get on top of another Sagat, the first thing I go for is always s.LP, d.LP xx Tiger Uppercut (or Tiger Crush depending on range, like after jumping in from the front or if I got rolled in). If that doesn’t work, from there I go for wait, counter hit s.LP, d.MK xx super; just take my guard meter damage by using s.LP, d.HP; or walk up throw/counter hit s.LP/d.LK mix up.

Against Vega and Sakura, my walk up d.LK’s are very useful. Forget block strings on them. Since they have no invincible reversal they can do easily, I cautiously advance on them and go for counter hit d.LK’s. Everytime I see a counter hit d.LK, it’s free d.MK xx super combo for me. When I get nervous myself or feel a jump attempt is coming, I do random d.HP while I still have frame advantage from my d.LK. If they roll cancel at me, since I’m being cautious when I advance, I can roll through on them on reaction and super combo them from the back. Vega jump straight up when I’m attacking him, come down with a kick loses to my cautious advance, wait, Tiger Uppercut.

Against fat characters like Raiden, walk up s.LP, fish for counter hits is the only pressure string I need. Raiden can do random Ready Go on me if I do some string with fierces, stand shorts, or low forwards. He can’t do a thing to me except let me block his Ready Go and then die if I’m smart and keep using my quick recovery s.LP for pressure.

-meaty d.HP, walk up d.LK, d.HP
-(against Vega in particular, since the best way to beat him with C-Sagat is to work his guard meter) meaty d.HP, d.MK xx qcf+HK
-meaty d.MP, s.LP, d.MK
-one hit far s.LK, one hit far s.MK
-max range far j.HK, walk up d.HP, walk up d.HP again

Against Blanka, always start your pressure/combo attempts with Sagat d.LK, since Blanka is a character for scrubs and can cleanly mash out of your s.LP attempts with his close range d.HP. It doesn’t even matter that Blanka d.HP has five frame startup while Sagat’s s.LP is the super fast two frame startup. The hitboxes just don’t match up in Sagat’s favor.

Blanka can counter your d.LK’s by mashing his s.HK instead of d.HP, but it’s not the most intuitive thing to do, so until Blanka proves he’s smart enough to mash s.HK instead of d.HP (which is still a crazy, unprobable risk), start pressure with Sagat d.LK always. If you get a lucky roll in, do d.LK, s.LP, d.LK xx super instead of doing s.LP, s.LP, d.LK xx super for example. d.LK, s.LP, d.HP guard crush instead of s.LP, s.LP, d.HP guard crush also.

BTW… It’s also common for newbie Blanka players to do some crazy RC ball through your one frame gap strings. Don’t worry about it if you do happen to get hit though. Risk/reward is not in Blanka’s favor. Keep in mind opponent is impatient and likes to be random like that and leave him bait to do random RC ball next time. Block, free Tiger Cannon.

I don’t believe that for a second. :bluu:

Sagat strings that don’t combo don’t get snuffed. Sagat strings that don’t combo are done on purpose and used to counter hit mashing dumbasses until they learn not to mash anymore.


Whats up i been playing K-groove and i need some tips hit me up on aim or put them in my mailbox.

team is cammy/sagat/blanka

Thanks in advance


Have you seen Kim’s CvS2 page?

There’s an Ino vs Daigo match in the movies section. You should watch it. Also get the Nitto vs Kim match. K-Blanka and Cammy are too strong. Punish a Ken RC kick with your Blanka sweep every time. Ino doesn’t do it in the vid (since Daigo is good and knows already), but use Cammy’s far s.HP to trade with Sagat’s s.LK. You link a Cammy level 3 super off the trade. Just because Sagat’s Low Tiger Shot beats your Cammmy drill, doesn’t mean the drill is useless either. Watch how well Ino uses it for the knockdown when playing defense every time.