Sagat Safe Jump / Option Select tiger uppercut vs Honda and C.Viper

forward throw, HK Tiger Knee, wait ~1 frame, jump HK option select HP tiger uppercut

vs Honda…

vs C.Viper

Javits always in the lab.

Good shit.

Great info. Already knew the viper’s OS and some of Hondas but pretty usefull stuff there.

Looking forward to stuffing wakeup sumo splashes with os tu

Viper matchup is still shitty tought

Are these safe jumps only set up after a forward throw?

Been doing this set-up since Super first came out, the only purpose of HK TK since they added all those recovery frames is that it makes this timing perfect. Off backthrow I do a dash then immediately jump with HP, but sometimes it doesn’t reach depending on screen distance.

And for kara tiger options after throw:

Forward throw: Dash, LK tiger shot, kara HP tiger shot. If they do anything like a hadouken or try to jump they get tagged.

Back throw: LK tiger shot, kara HP tiger shot. Same as above.

Extra frame of recovery has made kara shots redundant in a way, and boring.

Could someone pls post a link or something where you can find ALL of Sagats option selects

Nice videos javits , I also have an option select on vipers wakeup which stuffs all her reversals and lets u block ultra. If she simply blocks you get 2 hit safe tiger knee even if shes stand blocking.

The throw set ups are nice , after fwrd throw I usually do hk Tk into a safe jump but I also like to do lk tk and then immediately mp high tiger shot and depending on which character even if they block low they must block the high tigershot due to the frame or so of u being standing on wakeup before you can crouch , thsi gives you good moementum , though some characters like hakan its very hard to do this , adn some like t hawk its almost gurantted everytime they wake up.

Meaty High Tiger works on:

Hawk, Gief, Abel, Sagat, Balrog (I believe so…), Dudley, Honda, Gouken, Rufus, Seth (I believe so…)

Off memory, but I also thought hakan got hit with high on wakeup. Then again all the high shots on wakeup I perform are LP to give maximum time of being over body on wake-up.

Yep , and you can also add Ryu and Ken to the list , as well as Juri abel and others etc… for the shotos I never used to think it was possible btu after some testing ryu is quite easy to hit with the meaty TS… ken not so much.Impossible on akuma though :frowning:

well guess what guys? thanks to Jav1ts’ discovery, I tested the same option select vs Viper with U2 instead of TU and it works.

does anyone know the actual wake up frames off sagat’s hard knock downs? Or even a teched one? There’s a great post on Makoto forums with this info for her. Would be nice to know for sagat.

Lol, what ain’t all 3 the same? I remember trying it on all 3 long ago.
Forward throw -
Hold up forward and throw jab ts once you land.
Also dash x2 then throw jab ts and kara low or it was dash x1 then throw jab ts and kara. It’s one or the other but you get a true string of TS one after the other if you do it right.

That is very cool. The ts string, I been searching for just this kind of thing. Its a meaty ts? I never understood how I can’t seem to hit a high ts on wake up on everyone if everyone has to stand on the first wake up frame, or is that not the case?

nah sliz ryu and ken are different. for ryu, forward throw ,immediate lk TK and mp ts , or (fw hk)kara lk TK and slow high tiger shot , with ken same set up except replace them with MK tiger knees , the lk tiger knee set up wont work . There different timings.

your set up might work on ryu but not ken or akuma, ill test it later.

had a wee test time tonight, the forward throw mp.ts seems to catch ryu standing nicely. I couldn’t get a lk kara hp.ts to connect but only tried it a couple of times, looked close tho so presumably ex into ultra isn’t hard, maybe no kara required. Not tried anyone else. Be nice to start a sagat lab thread with all this stuff.

?? , its forward throw ( read my post ) and then mp t shot for ryus meaty timing. u cant do the set up off lk kara although on some characters u can forward throw then imediate lk kara slow high ts and it works on some.

Yer right enough. In training mode with dummy on crouch, mp.ts connects but hard timing, it wont connect if dummy is on crouch and all block while mp.ts will. Neither of these connect if dummy is just set to stand or if I record and do the same thing which is weird.

If you fwd throw in the corner, back dash and continue to walk back until sagats back foot is on the nearest black line then lp.ts this is meaty timing that will hit crouch blocking ryu and leaves u at the right range/timing to combo a karad hk.ts/low ex.ts that you can fadc/ultra from. Sounds quite vague but its pretty forgiving. Its also proper string on block.