Sagat setups . Im new to Sagat



Hi im just started using Sagat and im hopeless at finding any setups anyone got any tips for me ? Thanks


You’re going to struggle using set ups for Sagat. They are few and best used at high level. Safe jumping and counter hits with Sagat often lead to you getting into more shit than you bargained for.

Check out Dlakula’s channel on Youtube, he covers pretty much everything you need to know about Sagat outside of zoning and combos’.


Sagat isn’t really a setup based character. There are a couple safe jump/OS’s that are fairly useful in certain matches but its more important to just “learn to tiger” properly. Takes aaaawhile.


Anyone know why Dlakulas channel is closed? Undoubtedly the best resource for new Sagat players.


goddamnit. At first his channel had nothing but private vids and then it was back up in like a week.


ouch, not only new players. Some stuff there was new tech even. Anybody know his ign?


unfortunately no, but its seems like badmuts24 is stepping up to the plate!


Anyone save those online gameplay vids Dlakulas uploaded ? I really liked them


I have both of the online gameplay videos, but only at 480p i think.


Thanks for letting me know about badmuts.


You mind upping those?


Sure, just give a few days.


Been a few months since that post. Did you ever get around to uploading them? I’m a new player in general, working at maining Sagat, so I’d love to see it, too!


bad news, badmuts is shut down too. wonder what that’s about.