Sagat Social/General Discussion Thread



Thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could just hang out and chill. Use this thread to vent about Sagat and his bad matches, or sing the King’s praises. Talk about tournies, offline and online experiences, how people treat you when they see you use Sagat, anything at all.

I’ll start off. Took 3rd at 8 on the break last night. Only lost to Marlinpie’s Viper in winners and losers. Fine with that, since he is better and of course his char beats mine so it is what it is. But man offline is so refreshing. To see my OS’s work the way they SHOULD. All my meaty traps working and getting this hit confirms in to damage into another knockdown and now my opponent is in that same situation. And the compliments fell on me like rain water. Tigers are an endangered species guys. And it felt soooooooo good to be able to react and punish the way I want. Deejay slides at me. Uppercut. Random neutral jumps. Kara TU/Step roundhouse. Rose slides at me. low short xx uppercut. Deejays knee bazooka. Uppercut. Anything every that I knew was within the human realm of punishing consistently was punished.

It was fucking glorious. I also noticed that there are still things people just don’t know about Sagat. I was punishing things that people considered safe with Tiger Genocide/ (Sagat’s Super) Even blew up a Gouki players safe jump set-up with it. I was like yeah it’s one frame you didn’t know. He just shook his head in disbelief. Smh. I think thats kinda sad cuz it shows we as a community didnt even use half of what he could do in Vanilla cuz if we did people would know that one little fact about his super.

I tore it up in casuals. Had I think a 30 something win streak then I lost one match to a Gen and then came back and messed him up and continued to streak. Felt bad for this claw player. Kept wall jumping at me and never attempted to loop me. We know how that goes. lol.

Good shit to all my opponents though and I’m def gonna keep going to offline events.


Good shit emblem.
I thought merlinpie uses cammy?

Sagat got the highest learning curve, next to akuma. Omg… So much to learn.

Match up, combos, zoning, zoning, zoning.


MP uses Viper now, at least he did at the tourny in Toronto a month back.

I don’t think Sagat has the highest learning curve, I think Characters with very poor wake up games/ situational anti-airs have the hardest learning curve because you have to know the game pretty well to do well, just my opinion though.

Sagat isn’t even the toughest Zoning character to use, in my opinion Dhalsim is.

Good thread, got a tourny here in Toronto on the weekend, teaming up with an Abel should be fun.

I’ve been playing so many local games as of late that when I come online I just find it not as fun due to lag and atmosphere of live competition, but it does the job so w.e.

My praise is, low tiger shots are sickest thing ever. Chuck em, they block em, they wanna jump soon…love it.

My rant Dan has stronger uppercut than Sagat, fuck outtta here.


Online is good for fundamentals, but for intricacies like tight frame traps and option selects its garbage. In tourney I dizzed an Abel with safe jump OS throw like a TAIGA CHAMPION. Felt so good to see shit working the way it should.

Also slow tiger shots are the fucking shit. no sir you will NOT walk me down. F u and that nonsense.


Playing Sagat the main thing that gets me tight is when a jump in completely stuffs TU… I think the character is great and balanced but that shit’s so stupid oh and high step kick going through people fix that shit.


That happened to me…in Super Turbo lolol. Never in SF4. Not once even.


I know its partially my fault for throwing it out
early looking for 160 dmg instead of doing it deep but I’m pretty sure, unless you hit it deep everytime, that there are quite a few character jump ins that can stuff it


More online rage to vent. Been using Fei long to cover Sagats bad matches and they are both gonna be top in v2012 so it makes sense to me. Online is good for learning fundamentals and simply getting used to your chars movement, “weight”, “feel”, etc. but when it comes to frame traps and higher shit my goodness is it frustrating.

I’m at a point where I ONLY play green bars because anything less is just an exercise in frustration.


I’m the reverse. I main Fei Long and Sagat covers my bad match ups.

I know what you mean, after an all nighter meet up at my place last week, online just seems like i’m playing with my hands in cement. I’ve kind of made peace with online defeats though. I never play ranked, and only play endless in small 2 -3 man rooms unless I get invited in by friends to a larger room.


Idk I totally agree with you emblem when it comes to online play with sagat but Ive been starting to grind the fuck outta ranked these past few months. how I see it is if I lose to the lag, then its my fault for not adjusting to the delay or even pressing ready to begin with. It is verry hard to react to certain things sometimes obviously and its hard to get timings tight but I play enough offline to know what should have worked and why I lost. I think the best way to learn how not to get randomed out in tournament and to adjust quickly is to play ranked. Im only at like 4000pp though and it sucks because not many people are playing with more skill when im on so Im forced to create a match and have to battle people with super low pp so I only win 1pp if I win. I hate that shit lol

Ive been maining viper since vanilla and picked up sagat back in super and recently ive been noticing that my play has been getting a lot better with both characters since I’ve been playing him. I wish I could completely switch to sagat but people seem to feel more comfortable playing against him than viper.

also hit confirming lk or hk to low ts fadc is godlike. on peoples wakeup I like to get close to my opponent to where they think im gonna meaty throw so they crouch tech,reversal, or throw and I walk back as soon as theyre waking up to block a potential reversal and press lk so one hit hits then hit confirm low ts fadc into whatever. cant be too far back though obviously since you cant cancel the 2nd hit.
or In situations like vs bison I usually do a blockstring to low ts, then press hk and buffer qcf+lk and if they try to reversal scissor kick they get counter hit by hk >low ts, where then I try to hit confirm that with an fadc to whatever. the key is to be smart about the meter management. I only really use fadc combos in the 2nd round if I won and to get a strong life lead, of if I have super or close to it but dont need it


Oh on wake-up vs 3-5 frame reversals I just do a late meaty low short OS block.

Shit is beast mode.

Vs Bison I don’t delay anything. I meaty once then I wait a split second. From there you can react to anything he does, even online. It’s not hard. Sagat crushes Dic on wake-up fairly easily. You just have to react fast and know all your options that can punish or beat his.


Do you guys think 2012 will be the year sagat takes a major? Granted akuma looks scary and has always been a problem, but we all saw at the end of AE the non-bandwagoners who stuck it out and actually learned the character finally start to make strong showing. think next year a 'gat will break to the head of the pack? if so, who? bonchan? leslie? rf? jiji?


Quoted for truth


I think he’s def in with a shout this year more so than others. The Akuma match up will get better now with those nerfs. It will be interesting to see how the other changes to the mid tier problematic characters will go. If Mago can brush up his Sagat, I’d think he’d be a great shout for a win.

Although I’ve watched Bonchan and think he’s probably the best Sagat IMO , I think he needs a bit more tournament experience. RF’s not got it, he’s missing the edge somewhere in his game. Leslie looks very good, hope to see more of this guy.


As a sagat newbie, I’m just really frustrated with Sagat’s walk speed and crappy throw range. I understand he is a zoning character but as EL mentioned (maybe on kix) they are an endangered species in the sf4 series. So up close, how do Sagat vets get people to press so many buttons during strings when there is no real mix-up threat?


Bonchan is the best at Sagat from an execution standpoint imo… but like with RF, there’s something missing in his game. As I said in some other thread, to me Leslie is the smartest and most consistent Sagat player (granted I’ve seen less of him than bonchan and rf).


The threat is getting thrown, eating that damage and having to run the tiger obstacle course again. People STAY OS teching during strings. You just gotta guess when they will do it and find the appropriate frame trap.


trini, you need to learn to fall in love with, its been talked to death in the forums, especially the consolidated faqs and taking sagat to next level thread. on knockdown, your meaty has such massive frame advantage, you got all kinds of options. learning the c.lp hit confirm is key. you can push em out with a tiger shot for safe pressure. if it hits, end it with a tu cancel for another knockdown. on knockdown, the pressure is a simple meaty/throw/overhead mixup, but its so freaking effective there’s no reason to complicate it, and you get good damage in all the options. well spaced kara tk’s get you around more quickly, and i LOVE ex tk, in general its pretty safe.

but stick to some good zoning. get a life lead and sit on it while you chuck that plasma. anti-air the hell out of em when you finally get em to jump, if you have ultra, f. hk is the easiest combo into ultra in the game. don’t be afraid to reversal tu every once in a while, sagat has enough life its almost worth it to wiff to let em know that your not gonna take their wakeup pressure. if you can fadc it, you can get up and be totally safe. linked to c.lp xx low ts is real safe too, and can catch people by surprise for some quick damage.

c.lp is 3 frame normal, cancel it to tigershot to get a rush downer off of you safely & create some space. standing mk is maybe 'gat’s best normal, stuffs everything.

sagat’s all about playing smart, not fast. you don’t need walk speed or mega throw range to win. ever since the nerfs in super, we’ve had to learn how to play smarter, but sagat has the tools to win if you use them right and are patient.

except for dahlsim. holy hell, hope for a lucky focus attack crumple or tu on his limbs, and pray you can milk that knockdown for all that its worth.


did you just say online is good for fundamentals hahahaha i try to play footsies and people just jump at me randomly ive come to the conclusion when online play like a retard


Personally, online Sagat is good for match up experience only. You can’t play a character so dependant on reflexes online effectively. In fact I’d go as far as saying Sagat may be one of the hardest characters to play in an online environment.