Sagat Social/General Discussion Thread



Actually winning is considered being first and taking home the top prize, not some bs your warped logic came up with.

Infiltration used him to counter pick characters, by your logic Akuma must be worse than a majority of the case because infiltration didn’t use him only in the finals.


Dont pay attention to this clown dudes. He clearly has no idea.


We’ve been grinding Sagat for years, that is why we talk about his struggles.

If you notice, all the Buffs most of us mentioned just want it to be a bit more difficult for characters to knock sagat down, once he’s knocked down or cornered he’s still going to be as ass as he is now, it should just take more work than it does now.


Yet all it takes is a week old Cammy to destroy us.

brb playing solid for 70 seconds then getting knocked down round over in 29 seconds gg.
brb Guy mashing cr tech leads into a target combo(xx throw in the corner) which leads to more okizeme.
brb Chun Li can walk in and out of st short range and get ch with st fierce.
brb Akuma/Gouki mashing sweep and theres nothing you can do to punish safely.
brb one knockdown from Ibuki = MAD MIXUPS YO!
brb Sakura unblockable in the corner with jump fierce.
brb Fei Long can punish most of your block strings.
brb Ken close up = KARA MIXUPS 4 DAYZ. Otherwise Step kick ad infinitum.
brb Seth.
brb everyone who doesn’t know how to fight vs Sagat = instant hate.
brb everyone who sleeps on Gouken.

I wonder why I actually stick with the King.

Excuse me while I dispense this salt to the rain.


Don’t forget anti zoning Ultras, lol aren’t they fun?


Truly fun I can’t believe I forgot about that.

Also guys/gals Since Sagat is so strong in this game how come we don’t have any threads like the ones below.

[](Fei Long: Safe Jumps / Unblockables / etc setups
[](Cammy unblockables
[url="“This is way too easy.” Ibuki Unblockables


anyways did they give a release date for the dlc?


Yo any thoughts about ryan harts recent play?

Dude was FLAWLESS in his fight against mago’s fei, had some swag combos in there too lol, super entertaining match, glad to see dudes been putting in work.

Great stuff against Xian’s gen as well, and did a great job of not giving up and playing solid to open up some great opportunities for comebacks.

Against infiltration? Man, it just goes to show how much Akuma needs a few nerfs, because the whole strategy was block. Granted infil played SUPER solid, but no mistakes, ryan couldnt do anything!

Was intrigued at his use of U1 at the end, and i wonder if some of those rounds might have been different had he had that extra damage, although Infil might have started really abusing jump fireballs…


What are Sagat’s really good matchups? I’m stuck between Akuma/Sagat/Rufus/Gouken/Yun.


Depends what you mean. Of the characters you mention he’s the hardest to play by miles for the least reward. Akuma is difficult but he has a fairly good flow chart game and everything is safe.

Good match ups would only really only be grapplers or characters with bad footsie’s (rufus), everyone else goes pretty well against Sagat. There’s too many characters that can fuck him up for free. You’d be looking at at least 10 bad matches with Sagat and from you’re list he’d possibly be the least viable tourney character apart from Gouken (who is probably underrated).


Yeah, I see what you mean. I was looking at videos and stuff, and he’s pretty free to the vortex type characters. I was told to just pick Akuma, no questions asked, haha.

I’m a Bison player, looking for a new character for the longest time now, but I was thinking instead of just completely changing, just find someone who covers his bad matchups. I was also considering Gouken, because of Guile, and there’s that close to nobody plays Gouken, not too fond of his wakeup though.


Pick Sagat if you want to be dedicated. It’s really a great character, but with an inferior gameplan.
Zoning and neutral game are not the way to go in AE2012.


Gouken would go better against Guile than Sagat IMO. Although he’d equally have as many bad matches as Sagat.

Akuma is not really a “covering” character, he takes too long to learn and you’d find yourself getting killed fast. He’s a character you either main or you don’t.

Seriously if you want a cover character that’s easy to play and generally goes well against anyone pick Cammy. You can win with Cammy doing really basic shit that’s easy to do. I’m not even trolling when I say that, a month learning Cammy would be like 6 months learning anyone else.


Lmao I actually was learning Cammy previously, but felt like a fraud. I was still winning games after dropping a lot of combos and such, just because people didn’t know how to punish. Yeah, I always thought Akuma is either a main, or not, but now everyone is like “just learn the basics and use your phone notes”.

I did try Sagat at the beginning of Super but dropped him when I was learning stick, cause I could only learn charge characters at the time then just stuck playing them. Bison’s bad matchups are probably not that bad to think of it, get the life lead and play keep away, except Guile. I’ve won the matchup but it’s so hard I’ve decided to opt for a secondary, it’s just not fun at all.


play seth and do shit on guile.

He looses


There’s new Guile tech that lets you escape some of the unblockables now. Seen the video the other day. Not sure how hard it is to apply though.


According to Gilley, it’s quite difficult. My take is it works like this:
:d:(hold), :u: just before getting up, Guile gets into pre jump and turns around at frame 1, then :lk: at frame 2 or 3 of pre jump state. Any sooner and you get a reversal Flash kick, which won’t autocorrect. Any later, and you’re jumping.

This loses to meaty. jumpins, as it’s not reversal so you’re not invincible from frame 1.


Yeah, it’s quite hard to do.


Man… been playing this game since SF4 came out. Just played Sagat seriously for the first time today. I think I’ve found my new main. I like really solid fierce characters. My previous favorites were Fei and Yang, but Sagat is just a different kind of solid.

I read that in Thailand “Sagat” means to intercept and prevent from advancing. I can’t believe how well Capcom captured that in his character.

*And I really like how he doesn’t chain anything. It just makes him feel more solid and like all his attacks have force behind them, I guess just like a muay thai fighter.


After maining a bunch of rush down characters, here’s what I’ve learned:

It’s easy as shit to get around zoning. Actual zoning though? Not so much lol.

I played a bunch with the Kang today and had a blast. The mix up of jump or walk forward is real rewarding to me, even when they guess right.

I get my stick in the mail tomorrow. Does anyone still play? Boards look extra dead.