Sagat spamming tiger knee into jabs; what's a bison to do?

Fought a sagat last week that used a very worrying tactic which completely dominated me; he’d consistently get close, tiger knee into jabs, into tiger knee, repeat. Couldn’t focus it because of the knee, the only counter I could come up with was lk into scissors, which I managed to hit him with occasionally, but the timing means if i’m just a little off I eat his jabs and then it’s tiger knee time:( Any other way I could counter this apart from running away? Thanks.

Well first off it’s not a bad match-up. Yet, is it in favor of Sagat obviously. You, should attempt to teleport. You have a good standing roundhouse. But, try maybe even confirm trying a head-stomp out. Sorry, this is from experience watching the match-up a few times here and there. Otherwise spam that Psycho CRUSHHAA if all else fails hahah

If you KNOW he is going to do it over and over again ultra that shit. It’s not random if he uses it as much as your saying. You can do that or ex psycho just before tiger knee comes up. If you don’t have any of these options available to you, you can try to cr.Short after the tiger knee but that only works if he screws up his timing. Also if you have room behind you just teleport until he punishes it.

The only thing, if you ex psycho crusher too much… well uppercut does beat it. A lot of players wont do it but it is something to keep in mind.

In my experience against the loop, I wouldn’t recommend teleport unless you’re 100% consistent with it. It’s not worth eating damage to MAYBE just get out of the loop, especially against someone with great timing. I recommend always standing up to block the TK (as opposed to crouch-blocking). I believe this gives you less frame disadvantage on block and lets you stick a move out faster. I also believe that you should be able to stick out cr. short into scissors if you catch him after a TK or I think you can EX-reversal him after his poke and before his TK. My roommate (state champ) uses this tactic every once in a while and that’s what I did against it.

There’s a good reason for focus attack. Use it and punish with one of Bison’s combos.

^ lol…u do know tiger knee is his armor breaker…and even if it wasn’t it’s usually a 2 hit move.

ex psycho crusher/ headstomp isn’t a horrible idea.

Didn’t know that. I don’t play sf4 all that much. Had a guy tell me I sucked once, little did he know is that I hav like 3 days of exp with it.

Anyhow, he should be open after that jab.

I would personally try a teleport and ex knee press or head stomp.

Sorry, but if you don’t play Bison, make sure to say so. I play Bison and my info STILL may not be very accurate; it’s just what worked for me.

What I mean is, I assume the OP is going against somebody decent. Headstomp will literally get you killed (if you can even get it to come out). Nobody good will fall for that and even if they did, as soon as you do it once, they know that they only have to move a hair or two forward or back and you’re dead.
It’s the same thing with Ex-SK. Assuming the Sagat player is decent, if he blocks one EX-SK, then you’re dead. At least with EX-PC, you’re a lot safer AND it has the ability to do damage. Not to mention, personally I think it’s easier to time than Teleport. He’s not really open after the jab, at least not open to normal attacks. I’m pretty sure you have a small reversal window, but it’s not great and you have to learn the timing for it.
Like I said, block the tiger knee standing (assuming he hits you once with LK TK) and I believe you can stick out cr.short into whatever.

As close as Sagat is when he does this, if he blocks ex psycho he can kara uppercut Bison.

Hey Mr. Mamation, could you post your nico nico link to part 1 of your Bison tutorial?

Good point. Does he even need to kara the uppercut for it to hit? Either way, it’s still eons safer than headstomp or EX-SK which even the scrubbiest scrub can punish. Of course, if Ex-PC is heavily punishable too, might just be safer waiting for an opening and/or TP’ing out.

i meant ex headstomp btw…

but to op, sf4 has a record mode…record sagat doing the string then try different things…that’s the best option.
Everything is there

He is right, even in matches just mix it up with these different options. I mean, teleport and ex psych are certainly punishable but to be honest I think the player will really need to be ready for it to happen.
I’m not sure if this is reliable but sometimes I will focus the first jab and backdash out as well. Seems to work sometimes.

0_0… He can kara upperecuts too? And shots…
Geez he’s like makoto. Can he kara knee?
Sagat is looking like a really cool ch to me.

If I have space, my primary option after blocked TK is backdash (with any character). Sagat can catch on to this shit and punish, but I make him prove it to me before I do anything different. As Bison, I’ve had most success using EX SK through an obvious TK (if I have to do something other than backdash). Honestly, I didn’t really know EX PC worked, but if it does work, that is prolly the better option!

If you predict the Tiger Knee, throw out a c.forward. C.forwards lowers your hit box so the top of the knee whiffs. Sometimes, your will hit, and sometimes it will whiff as well. If it hits great, if it whiffs, even better. Cmk will recover faster then a whiffed tiger knee allowing you to combo for free.

I’m not so sure about that… I won’t say I ever tried but no matter how I look at it in my head it doesn’t work. I see tiger knee hitting Bison in the face as he tries to toes Sagat.
The best advice is probably choose a different character, but if you like Bison and want to stick with him then be prepared to do a whole lot of nothing.