Sagat Strategies and Matchups

I thought I deleted these?

There’s the generic jump straight up over the RC hurricane if it’s done at poke range…

I dunno, it’s an annoying matchup. That’s why I like being the RC Sakura player =P

I was using C-sagat last night and I got whooped on by a really good N-Hibiki. I got outpoked and RC’d to death. Especially with that RC running crossup slash that she has. After being knocked down, it’s hard to tell wether she’s running at you or going for a cross up slash.

I have next to none experience fighting against a really good Hibiki. Any tips on how to approach this matchup with C-Sagat?

i’m assuming you’re talking about C-sagat vs A-sakura right?

-i’ve heard the match is even overall, and i agree. sakura’s wonderful standing rh is evened out by sagat’s high damage output. the general idea is to stay moving and mix things up. jump back roundhouse, straight up jump roundhouse, standing mk’s, and standing shorts should be your primary moves. all of those (except the standing short) are risky, so you have to use them all with discretion.

-once sakura gets used to blocking standing mk’s, she should be looking to roll through and punish your standing mk’s. BAIT THE ROLLS. if sakura rolls at you, she should be eating a level 2 combo everytime.

-never use down fierce as a poke, you’re asking to get kicked in the face.

-if you spot a roll cancel, roll through it, and down fierce xx super. baiting the roll cancels is important, because that also allows you to use jump back rh or roll through and do a combo.

the general idea is to mix things up and have sakura slip up so she eats a massive combo. don’t get impatient and roll through or jump either, because that means sakura has total control of the match.


Alpha counter RC Hurricanes, it really is worth it alot of times. Far is a good AA Vs K Groovers who jump trying to JD a Tiger Uppercut, it’s pretty hard (maybe impossible) to punish after an Air JD. I saw Daigo do this alot vs Ino at Evo.

Super noob question:

What is the best course of action to take after blocking Blanka’s rolling attack?

Standing fierce.

i’d say the only problem with this strategy is that hibiki can just KKK dodge your tiger shots. although she isn’t getting anywhere or building meter by doing that, she also isn’t eating the chip damage or depleting her guard meter by blocking them. sagat does gain meter by doing this, he just doesn’t get ANY damage (unless the player mistimes their dodge).

hibiki can even dodge the slow tigers using short kick, but the timing is a lot more strict and she’s more likely to mess up.

Err, Hibiki can just RC slash Sagat’s extended arms from nearly fullscreen and win out on the damage exchange. You can also running slash Sagat’s arms from full screen also and close the distance.

Yeah that’s proximity cancelling. I do that sometimes with Cammy too.

Sagat vs Small jump???

I’m gonna feel so stupid for asking this, but how do I deal Blankas who turtle with his sliding low fierce and who use small jump all day. I now that Sagat is supposed to own Blanka for free, but my Sagat is often the worst character I have against Blanka. My friend is a bit of a scrub and the only character he has that beats me is Blanka. His tactics are using small jump alot with middle kick and then when he feels like turtling he waits at the other end of the screen and does his sliding move when I try to get close. When he small jumps I cant get an attack out fast enough to stop it, and that slide Blanka has is acually a better AA than you might believe it to be and against Sagat it’s hella safe too.

I have no problem beating Blanka with any other character on my N-groove team. As a matter of fact, even without run and small jump I do better against him with my A-groove team. Why is that? :confused:

Oh yeah, by the way I’m trying to pick up P-groove and I dont have the slightest clue about how to use Sagat without run. Is He even good on P?:confused:

more tips vs. Sakura:

You need to fight Sakura’s far s.HK with your Sagat d.HP. Unless Sakura has full CC meter, the risk/reward ratio is always highly in Sagat’s favor.


-Sagat’s crouching fierce is one frame faster than Sak’s roundhouse.

-Sagat’s crouching fierce has HIGH stuffing potential with a whooping eight hit frames. Sak’s roundhouse only has five hit frames.

-Sagat’s crouching fierce does 1500 base damage AND is super cancelable as opposed to Sakura’s 1000 roundhouse.

-Sakura is only a 60 stun character. If both players want to fight a war of attrition, Sakura will always gets dizzy off trades and counter hits first.

-A jump straight up, Sagat falling roundhouse will also hit Sakura’s limb clean.


-Sagat’s crouching fierce is easily punished when whiffed.

-Sakura’s roundhouse has superior range over the crouching fierce.

-Sagat needs to always be on the lookout for a random RC hurricane or a random dive kick.


-Sagat should always be on the lookout to roll through a random RC hurricane and punish with far s.HP xx super.

-The only thing I don’t like about this match is when Sakura does manange to get close, Sagat gets raped by walk up standing jabs and hurricane/throw traps. So yeah, if you’re playing Sagat, try your best to always keep Sakura off you. Ideally, get her dizzy, then kill her off with one super combo before she ever gets to start any of her cheese.

This is all basic footsies right? Man, as stupid as it sounds, I really wish I knew this sooner. I’ve told everybody already, my Sagat is only at a beginner level. Somebody else besides me (or like the two other people that post here) talk about basics for once.

vs. Bison:

I saw Choi do walk up d.HP a lot, while always paying attention to whether Bison was charged or not and on the lookout for random scissors kicks as well.

Bison usually ended up blocking everything and had his guard meter start to flash. The best thing about staying within crouching fierce range is that it nullifies two of Bison’s biggest threats…

-Bison’s jump is too high and be easily reacted to now.

-All Bison’s scissors kicks will do two hits and are easily punishable after the block.

The only thing Sagat really has to watch out for is to not let Bison hit him with a far s.MP or a walk up s.LP. Always keep Bison at bay with crouching fierce and there’s no way for Bison to win on the ground.

At Evo, I was losing a LOT to Bison’s who kept doing low jump HK over and over. That really sucked as the only Bison’s I ever fight regularly here in on the EC are the scrubby A-groove types.

Anybody here play Cole or Dr. B a lot? How do I not lose to them or the people who play like them?

anti small jump tech for sagat

when someone is in small jump range, and the leave the ground, hit standing fp, they’ll eat it every time and stop small jumping.

this works wonders especially when you’re standing, so you dont’ need to do kcxj’s tricking uppercut input to stuff small jumps.

edit: though i don’t do this very often, but i think jump back rh is also a good counter against small jumpers.

The thing is Bison can crouch my far s.HP. That’s why I don’t like throwing it out randomly, even if I’m really sure he’s going to low jump. When I press far s.HP on reaction to after Bison has low jumped, I was getting stuffed by his lj.HK all over the place.

High Tiger Super is the best low jump counter in the game. You can do it on reaction to anything and the invincibilty will always let you win. What does Sagat do when he has no meter though? I really hate it when I let people abuse certain moves against me over and over. Bison low jump HK and MK in this instance. So yeah, I suck. Any more tips?

Chicken blocking maybe?

to be honest i havent played much low jump bisons, so you could be right.

As for the random standing fp thing, you don’t have to throw it out randomly to try and catch small jumps. I watch for when the small jumping character leaves the ground, then hit fp…at worse it trades, which would still be up for sagat with his health and damaging fp. And if you can react with super, i think you can react well with the fp as much faster.

I guess there’s always Counter Attack to push the opponent out of the small jump range, and then you can reset and try to keep your opponent out of small jump range.

Oh, just thought of this…if you’re afraid of people ducking under the st.fp, does the st.forward have that much frame disadvantage that bison or anyone can punish even at a full range poke? if not, that could be a pretty good thing to throw out at random to keep them out of small jump range.

edit: i dont’ just look for small jump characters to leave the ground to hit fp, even dashers like blanka, cammy, bison…when they dash, you can watch for the feet (of the character)…and if as soon as you see it not touching the ground, hit fp. you can’t fake hopping, so they’ll eat the fp for sure…well, you can rc hop, but do many ppl still do that?

Uh… you can kill Bison’s low jump game some if they get pretty apparent with the low jump RH, by rolling early in the low jump and comboing his ass from behind when he lands and is recovering. You also can do super jump forward RH. St FP is ok to use if he is within that range. Since Bison’s low jump takes a year and a half, you could do something risky like RC high Tiger shot… but I wouldn’t risk it.

i think the best offense against k groove is to be random…k groovers jd well by pyschicing what move’s you’re going to do. so the best way to get around the jd is to be throw out fast random shit until they screw up the jd, then you can just do some block string to chip away the guard bar. Since k can’t roll/counter, unless it’s k blanka, it’s going to be hard to get away for them after they begin blocking

You shouldn’t ignore st.jab against blanka, blanka can’t duck under it…if you get close to blanka, you should abuse the hell out of the jabs.

how would you rate sagat’s grooves? this is really difficult to rank because he can be effective in all grooves, but i’d say it goes something like…

1st. C or K
3rd. N
4th. P
5th. S
6th. A

that looks kinda wrong to put S-sagat that low though, considering how easily he can comeback and how useful dodge attacks are to him. playing dr. B at evo reminded me of that:D.

I personally don’t like sagat’s dodge attacks. Especially since everyone can duck under his knockdown one no problem. With sagat I prefer to dodge for the whole time and then go immediatley into crouching fierce that shit is good especially with infinite super if you know you can get them to block it buffer in low tiger shot everytime.