Sagat strategy / combos / discussion

  • sagat’s crossup is very easy. he probably needs it since he’s so slow, though.

crossup combo:

j.MK (crossup), land, c.MP, link c.MK, HK Tigerknee, HK Tigerknee. 75% Damage.
[media=youtube]krYMqhGHNUc[/media] (vid is still processing)

also, Sagat can even combo 2 x Tigerknee against an opponent who is cornered, but it is very hard and unreliable.

… and i think changing the tigerknee motion is BLASPHEMY! it coined the term ffs!

Is it just me or did his Tiger Shots get crippled?

Cmon man, you HAVE to put some kind of character-related joke as the thread title. :((

A really good combo to know is the simple J.Hk / S.Hk XX Low Tiger. This dizzies and does about 50% damage in the process. You can even do this from the starting positions at the beginning of the round, and you’ll have enough time to go for a Cross up Tiger Knee combo…if you could do the one from the video up top with consistency, that’s a touch of death for sure, because even following up with a really basic combo like J.Hk / S.Hk XX Tiger Knee x2 does over 90% damage.


I propose:


i am looking for more uses of sagat super combo i know if timed right it can be used to skip past projectiles and give you an advantage over the opponent please post if you know more

I believe the blog said that it was better than N.Sagat, but worse than O.Sagat by 4 frames.

I’m having success with it as an anti air but I’m trying to get the timing so that all the hits will connect.

Personally I’m wondering though about the priority of his Tiger uppercut though. I seem to trade it a lot.

tiger upper priority never was that good, you just have to do it very late. tiger shots are a lot better than new sagats.

What are Sagat’s overheads? It’s been years since I’ve played around with the thai fighter.

I’ve started using Sagat and he’s pretty beastly ;O

Can someone explain me priority again?

Sagat is rape status for sure top3 in the game easy.

Tigershots have been fairly nerfed but are still really fast and his improved TK more then makes up for his nerfed recovery.

I haven’t seen a good sim player yet but claw and boxer are still tops as well lol.

i don’t think sagat has any overheads he has a hard blow attack (Hp or Mp when in close) which is good for linking together strong simple combos he doesn’t have any overheads

priority is the advantage or disadvantage that one attack has out of all other moves

does anyone know any juggles with sagat i found tiger knee x2 but that all

“Stand still. I have very bad depth perception”

I’m 99.9% sure he has none.

Don’t think he really has a overhead.

Help against E.Honda, Blanka, T.Hawk and Vega?

did anyone experiment on how to set up the crossup yet?
since sagat is so slow and his knockdowns usually knock the enemy back quite a bit, it’s not that easy.

what seems to work is:

  • close LP or very close MP tiger uppercut
  • very close sweep

anyone got more? i’m thinking tiger uppercut trades with jumpins and the like.

two things, one of them is buktooth’s contribution (i think he pointed it out in a thread made by Maj):

**1. close d.MK, s.FP xx FK Tiger Knee *2 = 70-75% damage **
- OMG it’s so fucking easy; I’m not one for execution, but it’s so fucking easy…the hitstun from the d.MK is more than enough time to let the s.FP hit, AND it doesn’t have to be meaty, although at that up-close range, i wouldn’t use it often unless they’re knocked down. If the opponent misses their reversal, it’s 70-75% off of their life from an easy-mode 4-hit combo!

- if they block the string up until the s.FP, attempting to throw them further into the corner.

2. from sweep range, far s.MP xx TK, throw

- since s.MP is cancelable, you can TK any version to get up into their grill again, and proceed to attempt a throw.

IMO, Sagat’s Tiger Shot space control is mildly nerfed, where you actually have to time and space your shot more considerably. His Tiger Knee (uber-)buff gives him a scary damage option now. He’s so good and well-rounded. Personally, I sincerely believe he got way better, which really isn’t fair, since Sim’, Rog’, and Vega all got slightly worse. Either that, or I think Sirlin has a subconscious bias towards Sagat! :lol:

Tiger Shots, Tiger Uppercuts = WIN

and no, Sagat doesn’t have an overhead…that’s fucking overkill.

you mean he’s **easy-mode **status.

Admittedly, Sagat got way more fun to use, but OMG his potential damage output makes me ashamed to use him. :sweat:

and GG’s this morning. :china:

I don’t have my 360 to test right now, but can someone try this setup for me?

AA Tiger Knee once to knock them down, then proceed to attempt a crossup MK xx combo of doom.

very nice info, King.

about AA TK: seems like a VERY good setup for the crossup. even if you hit them at the apex of their jump with a TK from far away, the knockback is relatively small, giving you lots of time to get close.
i also completely forgot about plain Tiger Knee: even a max range HK Tigerknee sets up the crossup perfectly.

you can actually do the tigerknee juggle off of max range HK tigerknee and you will still have lots of time for the crossup. You could theoretically even do the juggle after the AA TK, but chances are your opp will end up in the corner.

about sagat in HD:
you must not confuse ST sagat with old sagat
ST sagat was utter crap, unfortunately. this new version of sagat has tigershots with recovery that is in between old sagats and ST sagats. so i guess we should think of it as a heavily beefed up version of ST sagat.

…that’s what i had in mind… :wgrin:

the knockback from one TK isn’t too far, thus providing an opportune crossup rape attempt. :wink:

i consider HD Sagat to be a “greatest hits (hard)” version. :looney:

personally, i believe this is the definitive Sagat (sans patches/nerfs).

if i were to nerf Sagat, it’d be from the TK damage. his normals hit fucking hard. :wow: