Sagat Teams



So what teams you guys got for Sagat? For me I’m using Rolento/Sagat…Rolento’s a good point character that builds good meter and can tag in Sagat to land some heavy damage for me, then once Sagats in it’s time for fun lol I’m still experimenting some team ideas for him but right now its workin real good.


i am running a akuma/sagat team right now. seeing how it goes but i might just put ryu back on or maybe switch to akuma/ Heihachi. since i am still trying to figure out how the system works.


Im using Kazuya/Sagat and it’s not so bad right now. Sagat gives me a nice break from all of the rushdown Kazuya is doing if it’s not going well. However Sagat feels so much different from SF4 I’m not enjoying it much.


Sagat / Cammy won me the local Gamestop’s release tournament. As someone who played O. Sagat in ST and A-groove Sagat/Sakura/Cammy in CvS2, I think he feels much better to play in SFxT than he did in the SF4 series.


I agree, Sagat feels alot more smoother for me to play in this game rather than SF4. Is Sagat/Cammy your order? And main reason I stuck with Rolento/Sagat was cas cause they also got me the win at the gamestop release tourny lol


Planning to give Sagat/Lili a whirl.

Seems like they will complement each other.


Sagat/Cammy was the order I played. I don’t know if I’m sticking with it though; there are other characters I want to try out before I settle on a final team.


Sagat/ Kazuya…team SCAR ON CHEST





Even though Rolento might in a generic sense be a better point character, I’m by far better with Sagat, so I want him out from the beginning (and as much as possible).

Sagat in this game is fucking good, btw. So much fun. He feels overpowered tbh, but maybe that’s because everyone else is trying new chars and I’m laming it up with my sfiv main.



I know it sounds weird, but they have this strange chemistry and it actually works pretty well.

Sagat can deal with those from a far, with his tiger shots, knees, and hard kick/f.hard kick while Kuma rapes them up close with his high damage easy combos.

of course they aren’t restricted to only to this style of play.


I agree. Sagat has respectable battery potential which kuma needs in a lot of scenarios.


I feel like Sagat is good in both slots but slightly stronger on point.

He is an amazing battery and just slowly chips away at his opponent till they get in by that time he is sitting on bar for a cross cancel or tag in combo for his partner. He is great with a high damage partner.

Like most SF chars he needs bar for ex moves to deal lots of damage.


I’m still trying to find a good teammate for Cammy, and was pointed in the direction of using Sagat, would anyone be able to fill me in on the specifics as to why they would work well together, and if the order really matters that they are in?


I was hoping I could team Sagat with Juri, but it is no bueno. I will try Hwoarang or King with him next.


Currently running the King team of Sagat and King. Works fairly well


Trying to run Steve/Sagat

I’m great with Sagat; I just need to get adjusted with the game. He seems to be more powerful in this game.

Steve…on the other hand, has Dudley-level potential when it comes to damage and counter hitting, but at the moment requires C.Viper level execution and with my average execution (…& godawful internet) it’s just not working out like I want it too. Though, from what I hear from the Steve forums, Steve seems to work better as an anchor character.

My other Sagat teams that I’m having better success with:



Kuma/Sagat is my new team. The above poster is right. For whatever reason, I’m winning a lot more with them, and it’s more fun too.


Im with Sagat and Rufus.


Akuma/Sagat for me It’s been working charms for me lately
I tag in sagat do a ex knee wallbounce then again with a ex works great for me :smiley:


Great minds think alike! I’ve went Black skin, White scars. Badass.

Sagats my battery, I use Kazuya to lay out the damage. Currently putting damage Gems with Sagat as I want to capitalise if I land anything.

I really didn’t rate him day one although fun but he’s grown on me, especially since I’ve realised the importance of meter.