Sagat template request

I want dreaded fist to make a stick for me but first things first i’m gona need a pic to go on the stick so i would appreciate it if someone could make me a picture template or whatever u call it of sagat doing a tiger uppercut or at least in a cool pose n what it would look like on the custom stick i want to order.

Heres the link to the site where i’ll b ordering the custom stick from the template size i want is “new small box” a pic is at the bottom of this link n if it helps i’m gonna have all sanwa parts.

i’ll take it,but it’ll be like 6 eastern before I get started.

Which one of these do you want to be the image for the template?

I couldn’t fina any of his Tiger Uppercut except a fairly obscure SF2T image

WOW that looks awsm i love how the black background goes wit his skin n the blood color i really appreciate it!

Can u also make that same template but without the button holes? cuz i need that also in the order form

The button holes should be a layer.

You wouldn’t happen to want your name maybe in the bottom right of the stick?

So can anyone else help me find cool pics of sagat for my stick?

Anyone know where ican find a bigger n higher resolution version of this pic?

can any1 help me find a sagat template for the extended version of arts plexiglass cover i would greatly appreciate it