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For those of u who havent read my thread in the SFAC XBL forum then keep in mind i got this game 2 days ago, played about 100 matches on xbl, switched my controls to y=fierce p and b=fierce k, and use the joystick not d-pad.

I mostly use ce sagat simply cuz he’s my best guy n i love how u can match ur opponents 3-4 hit combos with a single fierce uppercut. I’m pretty good at turtling and i’d say my best asset is my ability to play mind games by mixing tiger shots for example when the opponent is far away generally i’ll throw 2 cr slow shots n then a fast st shot which usually hits there feet as they try to jump over it n then when they figure this out after my first slow cr shot i immediately throw a fast st shot which also works. I also have a habit of alternating fierce st and cr shots which does hella block damage and at mid-close range i walk back and fourth rapidly so when i move back this forces the opponent to jump in cuz theyr thinking that since i’m pressing the back button i won’t b fast enough to press :dp: :hp: and that works about 75% of the time.

My major weakspot i’d say is knowing which combos to use and when so any help on combo strats with ce sagat would help alot. What is the most damaging combo with sagat? cuz sagat quickly dizzies the opponent and when i’m in range to do a combo i always do j.weak k+cr.weak k+st. fierce uppercut but when the opponent isn’t dizzyed the only combo i can pull off is st.weak p+fierce uppercut. The only practical use i see for tiger knee is for quickly getting close to my opponent and on youtube i’ve seen sagat users chain j.weak k+cr weak k+fierce tiger knee into a 4 hit combo and i’ve been practicing this for about 30 mins and can only get the last 3 hits to combo even when i do the j.weak kick very late and i can only do it in the corner so what am i doing wrong?

I noticed that in fighting games in general especially AE i have a foresight where i can predict almost any attack and see it before it comes yet in this game most of the time i can’t do anything about it as in react to it cuz half the time i throw an uppercut a tiger shot comes out and visa versa so why is it so hard for me to do moves at will? am i inputting the wrong motions or is it the games slowass framerate?

is ce the only version of sagat i should use?

I would appreciate any general start help and/or links to gameplay videos of ce sagat. Also can i get some character specific matchup help? I completely own st balrog and my worst matchup is ce guile thats all i know so far.

Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo beginner thread

i was hoping we could lean away from posting anything to do with that horrid game AE now that evo finals is over. If you want tips for old sagat from super turbo or new sagat, hit me up with em. But any other sagat is trash in my book now.


Some CE Sagat combos :

**Jumpin RH, S.Short, Fierce TU (tiger uppercut) (most damaging for CE Sagat)
Jumpin RH, S.Short, Rh Tiger Knee
Slow (jab/short) Tiger shot, fast tiger shot (fierce/rh) (2 hit - high stun chance)
Meaty c. forward, c. roundhouse.

Advanced Link combos :

***Jumpin Rh , S .Strong, Low short, RH Tiger Knee ( large characters )
Cross up RH/Short, S.Strong, Fierce Tiger Uppercut
Jumpin RH , S.Jab x 3, Tiger Knee. (timing the jabs to combo is very precise)
Meaty Tiger short (corner), walk a bit, Fierce Tiger uppercut. !! ***


THX it took me about 15 minutes to realize that in order to make all 3 hits of his most damaging combo connect i need to do the jump in kick VERY VERY EARLY i was like DAM! even when i do the jump in kickearly it carries over for alot of frames.

the meaty short with the baited fierce TU is godtier lol i’m surprised ppl actually fall for it.

OMG i jus realized the craziest thing in training mode against st ryu i did a crouching short jab n then if i JUST press foward after that he does a tiger shot n it counts as a 2 hit combo… WTF???1???1!!!1?

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I’m starting to feel this ST forum’s turning into an AE forum… I agree, ST only please?

Would you say it’s foolish to pick N.Sagat over O.Sagat in this game? Isn’t the throw escapes and super bar worth at least something to his game? I’ve never seen on person or one video of him being played N style.


the low tiger shot for old sagat is the best fireball in the game hands down. Its only beaten by ww guiles sonic boom. To use anything but old sagat would be just handicapping yourself. New sagat has a few toys but nothing worth giving up that fireball speed.

as for ce sagat combos. Jump roundhouse, low short, roundhouse tiger knee. Best damage combo in game for ce/hf sagats from ae.


Big difference between turtling and zoning.

You say this like you’re the first one to do it or something.

As for N. Sagat, his super blows, and he doesn’t really have anything new besides the multi-hit tiger uppercut which is more of a handicap than anytihng.


Other then ce guile which is blatantly obvious to even me what are ce sags’s bad matchups?

kyokuji: LOL sry i didn’t clarify but i know i’m turtling when i use my tiger shots cuz i rarely use tiger shots as a means for advancing into rushdown mode…i’m not sure but i think that’s what tiger knee is mainly for.

What is the ideal distance for ce sag? His keepaway game is godtier but i also noticed that the distance between mid and close is sort of a sweetspot cuz it’s kind of close but not rly so it kind of baits the oppnent to jump…or u get at least 1 good clean fierce through so when they’r knocked down to i advance or stay far away?

To me it look like the jump roundhouse+short combo does the same amount of damage whether i use tiger knee or uppercut at the end so am i missing something? And as long as we’re on combos when if ever is the right time to use anything+tigershot combo?


actually sagat beats guile, he loses to st balrog and dhalsim.


Really? wow um i jus based my opinion off my matches with “whole neo geo” who is ranked 48 in AE cuz i raped his st balrog with my tiger shots evry single time but whenever him or anyone else picks cd guile i get owned in the face also i assumed that guiles sonic boom combos cud easily take advantage of sagats long reach.

BTW yeah sim is impossible tiger shots rarely hit and uppercut leaves me in a very very punishable position against sim…do do u have any tips?


The thing that surprised me about Sagat is the amount of range his Uppercut takes up. When executed correctly you could probably send your opponent flying from one side of the screen to the other because of how much impact it has.


Moves that can be canceled (O.Sagat)

s.jab (close and far)
s.strong (close and far)
s.short (close and far)
s.forward (close and far)
s.roundhouse (close)


s.strong (far)
s.fierce (far)
s.roundhouse (far)
Tiger uppercut


Whats your opinion on old Sagat vs Vega(claw). Everytime i throw a fireball from close range his speed is so fast he just easily jumps over them and hits me in my recovery and whenever im that close in range i easily get outpoked. Any help is appreciated.


do a fake fireball, when he jumps and loses 1/3 his life from a tiger uppercut, he will rethinking jumping in on you when you throw a fireball.

when he tries that ground game close, just block and when it seems like he is poking alot you can jump at him and do a roundhouse, either he blocks or gets hit by it, but its a good way to hit him since he cannot anti air you if he is poking, also jumping straight up works if he slides alot, you come down with a roundhouse into a combo that can dizzy him or just jump roundhouse, low roundhouse, either one hurts alot and scares him into not poking, which is when you do a fake fireball to make him jump into more damage.

Sagat strategy / combos / discussion

Yeah i should of thought of that since i do it with Ryu all the time, old Sagat can shoot without much risk against alot of the cast so i can get careless and fireball happy. Thanks for the tips i think they will help me greatly.

One last question i forgot to add was if Sagat can cleanly reversal DP Vega’s rolling claw special on wakeup when the roll is hitting you meaty on one of the active hitting frames. I can never pull it off and eat a dizzy combo. I tried to emulate it and couldnt even get a reversal message. I dont know if im messing up or that move it just crazy good or something.


any move that isnt invincible can be reversal uppercutted by invincible moves if there is a hitbox in the range. This is one of those you must time it perfect or pay the price risks. Its like trying to dp on wakeup vs st bison doing low forward into scissor kick, its not worth it unless you feel your wakeup reversal timing is perfect. If you fail, you dizzy and lose the entire round. But to answer your question, you are failing at timing it properly. Its hard to time things perfect, but if you want , use the rolling piano button pushing method. That means press jab,strong,fierce in consecutive order as you wakeup with your tiger uppercut, thats 6 chances to hit instead of 2 (each time a button is released when doing a special move it activates as well).


I figured its possible to reversal it but i guess its just hard to do and since i have no reliable way of testing it and i have nobody to help me i could only ask at the time. I also use the drumming, always good to have sorta like an insurance on moves. I hope ST on CCC2 has a recording mode, that would be great. Thanks again later. :tup:


Sagat’s tiger knee

does anybody know sagat tiger knee would come in handy on this game i been trying to use it to keep the opponent in corners but the opponent just ducks and comes back with a stronger move


far anti-air

go over fireballs (with good timing)

to quickly get in then throw/DP/etc

Use your low low fireballs to keep them in the corner. Tiger knee isn’t for that (although it could knock them back in the corner if you can read a jump/FB and want to be fancy)


yeah, far anti air and whiff into throw/dp like ^^ he said. Far poking move that knocks down. Its speed catches many offguard.