Sagat trial level 9 help

Hello everyone. I am having trouble beating Sagat’s level 9 trial in SSF4 AE. The problem is my timing after i do the M Punch, H Tiger uppercut always seems to be too quick (the move animation doesn’t trigger) or too slow (dan blocks the attack.). I’ve skipped this but seem to have the same problem with moves like this later on in the challenges. I’m wondering if you guys can tell me the EXACT amount of time a M punch needs to cancel into a H tiger uppercut.


It’s a cancel, try doing the motion for the Uppercut as you are pressing medium punch and then pressing Hard punch for the Uppercut to come out. It has to be done pretty fast, watch VesperArcade tutorials on youtube if you don’t know how the mechanic works.

early probe scout, if entrance aint blocked, cannon rush with 3 gateway proxy outside then zeal rush

Thanks, I’ve looked at some of the VesperArcade videos. Still can’t get the timing right though, but i’ll work on it.
Appreciate all the answers.