Sagat triple tiger knee

ive seen it done before and ive actually done it only once. i was wondering if anyone had anymore info on exe it perfectly everytime? does it have to do with timing on the 3rd one because i know doing 2 is pretty easy.

any help would be great, thanks in advance! :yawn:

Is there any reason you want to do three hits? The juggle limit is three, so doing a triple Tiger Knee isn’t really any different from just getting a Tiger Knee that hits twice, and juggling with a second Tiger Knee that will only hit once.

Well depending on spacing you’ll need to only throw out two knees to get all three hits, right.

Practice the timing of this is training mode. You need to be finishing second tiger knee montion right as you’re landing. If you do it too soon it won’t come out. Also make sure you’re keeping your execution tight.

Practice, practice, and practice some more is probably the best advice I can think off.

Super Meter.

Also i suggest trying to use mainly :lk: TK if you want all three hits.

Secondly there is a Sagat thread.

Use it.

I would imagine it pushes your opponent more towards the corner as well.

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

As mentioned we have a sagat thread but 2 points to keep in mind: 3 single hit tk’s does slightly more damage then a single n double and to make it work all you have to do is do connect with tk from as far away as possible usually when your opponent jumps in from near full screen.

Isn’t the sagat thread on page 2 or 3?

thanks for the help guys, im going to check out the sagat page