Sagat Ultra Anti Air?



Just wondering how most of you sagat mains out there go about punishing whiffed moves or bad jump in attempts. Like how would you setup a punish with your ultra? I caught a guy the other day off a bad jump in attempt. I was stuck in the corner and i usually anti air with tu or f.rh,but i accidentally input the U1 and it connected while he was in mid air for the big punish. And I was down so it was a epic comeback.


U1 startup is slow, as are many ultras by design, so it’s really bad for anti air… I played Bison before and few people realize how speeding up his U1 startup would make the char broken with high damage AA where he is weak on that side.

I can make reads sometimes, but U1 is not an AA I rely on. Bad jumpins get anti-air TU FADC, even TU FA backdash hits most chars for even more safety.

Then, I understand you want to save this meter but still AA with U1… TU trades. Bad jumpins allow you to voluntarily start TU a bit early, and it will trade to a free f.HK, U1. Contrary to what a lot of players think, TU trade to U1 is NOT luck. Completely intentionnal and a tool part of Sagat’s arenal.

I warn you all, Sagat players, stupid 2013 suggestion of removing TU trades is a straight nerf, not just some “glitch fix” or unwarranted situation.


Yea I actually want the TU trade to stay in also.The free f.HK to U1 has came in handy for me alot of times.