Sagat Video Thread

Would some of you veteran players be willing to upload some matches with sagat?
I’m really in a slump and can’t figure out how to play him effectively.
I tried filtering through the replays online, but it’s difficult to find any that are helpful.

Sorry for the quality, stumbled upon this guy while playing casuals at the local Xbox 360 place. I might have more of him soon.



Edit: at the end of the first vid posted by 4neqs, can anyone explain what he did there? Looked like an EX move with tag-cancel, but Sagat had enough time to charge his Super and still connect from juggle? That’s nuts, would love to see a list of partners/moves Sagat can do that with.

Would love to see more vids of people putting in work with The King too.

Any EX move like Law’s (that takes a long time to finish and can juggle) allows you to fully charge super on coming in from a cancel. Of course, the charged super needs to be able to catch the EX move’s juggle as well.

I was hoping some good Mago Sagat vids would be released soon but seems like he jumped ship to Juri and Rufus :frowning:

What other moves can setup sagats super?

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Went to a Next Level event over the weekend while i was on vacation. And i came in with Sagat/King. The only experience i have with sagat is that he was my main counter pick in AE 2012 since i mained Honda.

One of my matches was streamed, feel free to critique because i DO NOT have much Sagat Expericence. its around the 1 hour 47 minute mark.

Here is our beginners guide to the scar master

Man it is difficult to find good sagat videos for yalls

Since there’s no Critique thread… Here’s a match with a friend over on XBL.
Didn’t have the best connection but I put up a valiant effort, yet ended up getting my butt kicked!! Lol.



My Sagat :3

2:32 Mid Screen fireball punish with team super. I love doing this :smiley:


Doesn’t work well against Guile.

A few matches out of my set with EmblemLord. Sagat/Kazuya vs Nina/Kazuya.

My very first online match involving Ryu and Sagat.


A match video of Sagat teaming up with Akuma.

Great colors by my friend.

Like him or hate him, nobody does Sagat better.