Sagat vs Blanka matches

wattup yall,
A Sagat player here and looking to get some practice on the blanka matchup.
Basically saying that anybody whos interested hit me up on xbox live, gamertag is j2ins.
Im in europe but i usually have decent coonections with U.S. eastcoast ( and the same 4 canada i guess) and of course europe, too.
All player levels are welcome, though players on my own level (2000 pp roughly speaking) and up are preferred.

Send me an invite, i’ll be on in a few days once i get a new xbox, i havent played more than 5 sagat matches this year so i could do with the practice

il have some games with you, tbh i struggle quite a bit with sagat so practice is needed!

Will look you up too. I’m around 2000pp, most days.

@The Mullah, what happened your old box? I had to get a new one recently too, the last one was from ebay and was chipped by some tool. Didn’t realise until it got kicked. :slight_smile:

i gave it to my mum so she could play kinect lol

Ahh bless, Cool sentiment. Better than some rrod story. :slight_smile:

@ the Mullah
some cool matches man. Even though i never felt like i had a chance of winning lol.

yeah was nice to play you.

some tips, sagat can low fireball blanka for free, up close ex low shot is unslideable on reaction, and a little further back you can fireball at a distance that is out of jump and slide range, and its not very far back from blanka, sagat has the most retarded hitbox on his low fireball. You didn’t fireball enough.

You don’t anti air jump ins, especially crossups, learn to lp srk crossups.

you always go for the srk x fadc the moment you get meter as an offensive tool, kara tu x fadc isn’t that hard to see comnig so i would save your meter , you’d have done more damage using it for ex low shot footsies.

hope that helps

thanks man that certainly does help

i stopped fireballing at blanka cause i got slided a lot of times.I m gonna learn the distance to stay just out of slide range.

About the jump ins… i just was never sure wether u would jump or hop and electric/grab. So i couldnt react to them properly.
reaction is a harder thing to work on imo but it’ll come with time i think.The crossups… yeah really need to work on those.

you were good at stuffing hops with cr.lp when i mixed them into blockstrings. most people aren’t. fireball is incredibly good, sagats fireballs are so much better than anyone elses especially if you can OS kara knee to punish me when i jump over them from certain ranges. The matchup is 6.5 - 4.5 to sagat even though his damage has been toned down.

Hm, I didnt know the kara knee over jumped FB’s was an option select.I have been doin that more or less on reaction till now.
Do you know what the inputs are? I wasnt able to find any info on it.

check aliounes youtube account, its i love this game 75 or something like that.

I wanna mention it’s possible to hop over low tiger shot… at least in vanilla… just did a few times today… kinda a fluke though… but once you do manage sagat is in trouble for damage.

imo… the key to this match up is to walk forward.