Sagat Vs Blanka



every sagat player knows blanka gives sagat a hard time. give your oppinions how to beat that green shit.


I don’t play a lot of Sagat, but I DO play C/A-Blanka, so I’ll let you Sagat players in on what gives me trouble:

-Keep Blanka at a distance where he can’t safely cross you over with j.MK. At the max range where he can cross you over, a MP Tiger Uppercut will keep him out, so at that range, always be ready to do that. This is very important in this battle because Blanka eats anyone alive in close.

-s.MK is a key normal in this battle. I may be stating the obvious but s.MK is the safest way to keep Blanka at a distance where he can’t fight you. It outranges Blanka’s all-important s.MP, it comes out quickly enough to beat out his slower pokes (like c.HP), and it recovers quickly enough so that if Blanka predicts the s.MK coming and either jumps or RC Jungle Hops you’ll recover fast enough to TUC his jump, and c.LK his Jungle Hop. Just keep in mind that Blanka’s slide goes under it (throwing out random c.HPs remedies that by deterring the opponent from sliding).

-Another key normal is c.HP (duh). Anything s.MK can’t do, c.HP can. The only problem is, if a c.HP is predicted preemptively, Blanka gets in close for free with a jumpin or RC Jungle Hop

-Be careful when Blanka is charged. It may seem as though Sagat can poke freely at Blanka, but being too uncareful lets me RC Blanka ball through it.

-Keep jumping (normal & super) to a minimum. Blanka is not someone who Sagat can safely jump against, at any range. The slide beats all of Sagat’s max range jumpins (except for empty jump), j.HP (straight up) beats everything Sagat has in the air, Electricity beats Sagat’s crossover, and if you leave the ground while Blanka has a full super/CC…well, just don’t jump.

-Hops DO work against Blanka. They’re prone to getting stuffed by RC Balls as well as CCs/Supers, so be careful watch when he’s charged. I still advise you to be conservative with these though, moreso than against most other characters. Against small-jump & run grooves, Blanka likes to jump straight-up coming down with a j.HK.


Pick a groove with run. Rush that mother fucker down and don’t give many chances to attack you. A lot of s.forwards and c.fierces will make him go on the defense. I know its not advised but go for the crossup once in a while. it could be a small jump or a regular jump. i makes them change their charge direction and fucks up their game. go for the tiger knee after sweeps to make them change their charge direction also. a k groove sagat will always give a blanka a hard time. this is the groove where you can jump in knowing you can just defend any supers or moves he throws at you. rcing is another thing. when blanka rc’s hes a bitch to beat. just hold off on the fireballs from a distance. if you fireball from a distance you deserve to be beat like a redheaded step child.


yea thanx ill keep that in mind…dosent sagat’s stuff most of blankas attacks(hp, lk, mk…) ?


blanka vs. master sagat

Sorry guys, but the easiest way to deal with blanka using sagat is to simply jump backwards and use roundhouse!! Yes it is that simple… once you get backed into a corner just roll out and start jumping backwards again. Its not pretty and you may get some groans for being “cheap” but the backwards jump keeps ALL of blanka’s attacks under wrap even jumping attacks AND his rolling supers! :lol: (standard sagat lol)


blanka vs. master sagat

no i dont think that would work aginst a smart blanka player. mabee aginst a scub but thats it. a smart blanka would A.slide(anti-air)B.rc ball…

i use to play blank thats how sagat gets owned…


Heh. Some scrub I used to play did that against my Blanka when raged (jump away with roundhouse)
Then every time, I’d hit him with the punch super. He’d go “damn!”

The thing was though, he never learned. He just kept eating and eating the super. Well, ok, sometimes when I got cloes he would do a cr MK -> qcf+K and I’d super him inbetween. He never learned.

Anyway, it’s been said before, but some brief Sagat tips.

st LK beats a lot of Blanka stuff (slide and cr HP are the important ones). If you have robot-like reactions, the second hit can be super cancelled.

Don’t throw tiger shots. Just don’t.
Don’t jump. Just don’t.
Do run cancel cr. MP a lot. It’s good.
If you play a hop groove, hop with roundhouse and short. But not too much.

Don’t forget to do random tiger knees (dp+K). Because, let’s face it, you’re going to be doing the same three things the whole match. Throw that in so you seem unpredictable!


yea…that really sucks when you go for a crossup and lv.3 super comes out…

yea…walking s.jabs is very good aginst him… and to keep that blanka in cheeck…FIERCE


you must play defensive against charge characters! lets face it, sagat isnt the fastest guy out there. as for using random tiger knees, thats just not right. Never do anything random against charge based opponents, especially blanka. Too much reach and too fast!



Kind of a new sf player, I main sagat so I try to read up on strategy. I haven’t heard the groove term before, what do you mean? “a k groove”? Kids confused, thanks.