Sagat vs Cammy (general)

Sagat vs Cammy

Sagat has the advantage in this match because he does twice as much damage as Cammy does (Sagat has above average hp, Cammy has below average hp, Sagat’s moves do at least 50% more damage than the comparable Cammy moves).

Use the cr fierce more than usual in this match, because you want to trade with it. At ‘forcefield’ range (where the cr fierce just whiffs), it’ll trade with a light cannon spike much in your favour; Cammy cannot run up to pressure you in time if you recovery roll. Also, you hsould recovery roll whenever you are knocked down except for Cammy’s kick throw or when you’re in the corner.

Try to keep Cammy out of her rushdown range. You can easily uppercut any full jumps (beats jump lk cleanly). For low jumps, try to have fast reactions and hit her with a far fierce (if you’re too slow you get a block, which isn’t that bad).

It’s imperative that you know at what range a spiral arrow can be punished or not, and do one of those cr lk combos whenever such a chance appears. If you do K Sagat, also, you MUST be able to just defend a cr mk -> qcf+lk from cammy, then do your biggest combo. Buffer the JD so that you won’t be disadvantaged if the Cammy decides not to do the spiral arrow. Unfortunately, none of Cammy’s normal pokes can be retaliated against after a JD (maybe with super L3 supers, but no normal pokes).

Don’t rush down as much as you would against other people, but try to stay at your optimum range (just outside cammy’s st roundhouse range) and trade with Cammy until she dies.

Tiger shots are banned against competent opponents.

If you get into one of Cammy’s stupid pressure strings, watch for the spiral arrow and punish. And, uh, look for obvious throw attempts. Can’t really help against that. Avoid getting knocked down with Cammy standing over your body.


Here’s a short list of what’s safe to recovery roll from, and what’s unsafe to recovery roll from:

Kick throw
Cannon spike used as anti-air
Crouch roundhouse
Anything when you’re in the corner

Always safe:
Punch throw
Cannon spike used as psychic DP

Sometimes safe:
Spiral arrow, depending on distance

Cammy is cheap. Don’t try to attack her after blocking a close s.HP, that’s all I know. Let her hit you with whatever you wants after that (and always be ready to tech throw too), then hit her back after she tries to walk forward and make you block something again.

She’s really hard to cross up too (small size, fast walk) so I wouldn’t recommend that. Stick with the ground war of attrition and keep pressing HP back and forth. :lol: Sagat will win in the end by trading…

I’m sorry did you say cammy has a below average Hard Punch??? That is the funniest shiet I’ve ever heard…

anyway this matchup obviously depends on the grooves but in general I actually think Cammy wins with S.Roundhouse and Cannon Spike alone. This is theoretically though…because of Sagats huge damage advantage combined with human error he somewhat balances it out.

S-groove Cammy gives my Sagat a really hard time. Basically Cammy walks back and forth staying out Sagat’s throw range. Then she’ll do multiple dodges to make Sagat whiff his pokes. She’ll do dodge attacks and hits Sagat for whiffing the c.fierce. Any opinions about this?

Cammy far s.HK as anti-air is absolute bullshit. Cammy’s s.HP does less damage than Sagat’s or Blanka’s (and probably a bunch of other’s characters too), that’s why he said it’s below average. So damage wise, it is.

The reason it’s so good is because of how fast it hits and the frame advantage it gives afterwards. But the damage is low. Which pretty much means I wouldn’t want to keep trading fierces with Sagat if I were Cammy. These strats are solid, so I’m not laughing one bit.

The safe fall thing I found quite useful actually.

vs. Cammy

Cammy throws alot. Always be ready to tech when facing against her. Her throw range is the same as her close s.HP. It’s cheap. Most Cammy players don’t even know when they’re going to get a throw or not. Anyway, watch out for:

-close s.HP, throw
-d.LP, d.LP, throw
-any whiff s.LP, walk up throw

Should have mentioned never to jump or try to crossup cammy, it’s an exercise in losing hit points.

Anyway -

I didn’t mean cammy’s HP, heavy punch, is weak. I mean that cammy’s hit points are low.

Example: sagat’s standing fierce does 1500 damage. cammy’s standing fierce does 1000 damage. The difference in hit points is around 30%. So if you trade, you do almost twice as much damage. You can compare the other equivalent moves (tiger uppercut vs cannon spike, super combos, punishment combos) and sagat does twice as much for everything… Only thing that Cammy does more is bread and butter combo (cr mp, cr mk, spiral arrow does around 2700 damage, while sagat’s cr lk, cr lk/st lp, tiger crush does less). This is why you don’t want Cammy to be close to you.

I know this matchup pretty well since it’s the fourth most common one I encounter with my team (The other three are blanka vs blanka, blanka vs sagat, and cammy vs blanka), and cammy is my best character with sagat currently being a distant third.

I should edit my above post to put this info in, I’ll do it when I’m not lazy.

S groove Cammy - I think you sort of die against this. Sorry dude. You need to get in to throw, but that’s Cammy’s best range. And you can’t poke because dodge -> dodge attack kills you. um try roll throw? roll super?

Ahh sorry that’s my bad for not reading the post. I never said his strats were laughable, I just skimmed through his post and that line stood out.

But Cammy having a 1000 damage Fierce is undertstandable since up close it leads in to a free Roundhouse and then super if you have it. And far Fierce is also easily linkable into super.