Sagat vs. chun li

Does anyone have any tips on facing a good chun li? I had not played against a good chun till a while ago and my sagat just got completely owned. When i play against her i try to be more careful with positioning and poking, and try not to get crossed up, but still i end up losing. I just haven’t faced enough chuns to develop strats against her. Damn r2 chuns have made me change my sagat from a r2 to a r1 and move him up to my first character instead of my last (which is actually a good change that i’ll keep, cause there really doesn’t need to be any more sagat dependent teams and it makes the team more versatile), luckily i’m getting good with guile as my ratio 2. But still, what are some strats against that chink broad with the legs?

Learn to just defend all of her spinning bird kick. (Spend 5 minutes setting the dummy to do cr lpx2, cr mp, sbk, the timing’s really easy). This means if they want to do SBK trap, they have to get much closer to hit the fierce punch.

Don’t jump or hop.

JD any crossups and stick out a cr. LK or cr. MP. Don’t let her jump too much or you’ll have trouble.

Be Sagat.

on chung-li you have to be very careful…STAY ON THE GROUND…sagat cant jump on her for shit…she can turtle her ass of aginst sagat…use a lot of, hk.fb…just for chipevery once and a while cancle the into a sfb…

sagat jumping fierce beats out her jumping attacks…