Sagat vs El Fuerte

What is the best thing I can do (option select) against tostada press spam. i wake up uppercut = fail, I push back on controller = fail, forward, fail. I’m angry at this elfs that keep tostada ressing me!!! :crybaby:


Tostada press doesnt break focus? Thnx anyways!

Then what? Dash out of there or focus release for punish?

See what works for you. Go into training mode and program Elf to throw you, and then do the tostada as you get up. Practice your different options that way.

This is exactly what the character forums are for.

And more specifically what the stickied match up thread in the character forum is for.

I had this issue recently. Focus and dash forward/back, but Focus wont beat flying Fajita buster, so its always going to be a 50/50 guessing game.

Don’t try to option select something, just learn to block it. Recognize the tortilla spin command throw thing: he can’t do it off a forward run so if he’s coming at you it’s probably a splash or slide, or maybe run stop throw/run stop Guac. If he runs back and does a flip with a pretty unique sound effect, neutral jump it. Don’t jump the gun on jumping because good Fuertes will bait that and do backrun stop EX Guac.

It’s all a matter of recognizing the startup animations of each of his moves, since they’re pretty different from one another.

If only sagat was smaller. I know the best get away for cammy is spiral arrow. Block standing, and guess right is the best option. It crossups I think.

If Cammy SAs out can’t Fuerte just Ultra her after the whiffed run attack?

If not Ultra, can he do run slide and get her back in the mixup?

Light spiral has very fast recovery. Thats all it takes. Medium is pretty quick to recover as well. Trust me, I know because I bait ken ultras with it. The second shit hits the slide she’s recovered. You can guard and or jump, or even cannon spike. All of which should get away from fuerte. I know because a buddy of mine is a fuerte user and hes brutal with him. Now sagat, he’s huge. If his tiger knee gave more distance, maybe. His DP is shit compared to ryu/ken if you ask me, because it seems like its got a low hit range. Probably why it isn’t working for him. The only way to get out seems like blocking in the correct direction. I’m not a sagat player, infact I loath them. Just trying to be logical.

Fuerte can still command grab you from the air from a forward Habanero Dash. Theres three options: Slide, Tostado Press, and Fajita Buster, all can be performed from habanero dash forward. Its a guessing game. Only from the backwards Habanero dash can Fuerte not use Fajita Buster or ground slide, but instead, he has his Tortilla propeller.

This might help, Fuerte has a LOT of mixup options. This will show what stops which:

Tostada - Crouch block, jumps, and can crossup.
Tortilla - Any time you’re on the ground save for anti-airs
Fajita - Focus, standing block
Calamari Slide - Standing block and forward dash(be also aware that a Fuerte can do this and the non running version to you on wakeup if you’re not careful). The non running version is also safe on block.
Gordita Sabat - Least of your worries as any block/Focus will stop it, but it can combo into Super
Crossup HP - back dashes This can also crossup and it can also be used as a setup for RSF.
Shower Kick/Corpse Hop - This is primarily to confuse you and kill charge time, but this is also an overhead

Be also on the lookout for feints. I find Fuerte matches (including the lol mirrors) to be very taxing on the mind if you’re playing a good Fuerte player, but the Fuerte player can also be worn out from a good player (I speak from experience).

The key to fighting El Fuerte is that you have to mixup everything as well. If a Fuerte player catches on, you’re toast, but the same goes for him.