Sagat vs. Sol Badguy Avatar Please?

I was wonderin if neone is interested in making a badass Avatar Of Sagat fighting Sol, if u could i would want to have Sagat Tiger Uppercutting, and Sol doing Volcanic Viper, and I would want the words “Battle Of The Year” to flash in the Background, I just hope it aint too hard to make 4 nebody. Thanks to whoever can do it.

I’ll do it. Check back here in a day or two.

Oh, what does Sol’s Volcanic Viper look like? I’ve never really played GG.

Its kinda hard to explain wat it looks like, u would need to get a pic of Sol doing the attack,

It’s his uppercut.

its this:

Here it is. It’s not quite like what you requested but, well, see if you like it.