Sagat vs viper



Just like to see how you vipers approach this matchup. Trying to get better at learning this matchup so if any of you would like to run some sets let me know. I’m more of an offline tourney player but I just recently upgraded my Internet to 50mbps so I have been playing online more to get better at matchups I don’t see very of often

Gt sm4llp0xbl4nk3t


Damn for real nobody out 106 ppl to check it out? Kinda disappointing.


if you want you can hit me up. just got xbl, switched from psn. xXDarkAdmrialXx.


Ok i will add you thnx


Actually, I will revive this thread but to ask a question!

How do you Viper players feel about playing Sagat? I’m having a bit of a debate on the front page about Viper and how she can be zoned quite effectively if you have the correct spacing and normals/specials to back you up. (and you can block burn kicks obviously)

So do you guy’s find this match hard? easy? even? Personally I think both characters can come out on top if they get their game running, but I could be wrong.