Sagat warm up

Warm up sketch I did featuring the walking mountain of muscle himself. Went back and touched up on him again. Might do some more. Pic was too big for my scanner, hence the cut off feet. :bleh: I need a smaller sketch book.

You gotta make his shorts shorter. Like right at his bawls.

He’s a kick boxer son!

Yeah this is dope but his shorts are shorter. Also…you have Sagat pictured there short as fuck. Dude towers over everyone in the SF universe. TALLER!

LOL! Man, Midget Sagat! Hmm… I’m going to have to redraw him taller and get rid of the NBA shorts to redeem myself.

Sweet pic voodazz but I wanna see a nut peeking out of his shorts.



how about i lend him my bothers size 33 boxer short i think that would look good to him ^^

Stop hating on my deformed big shorts Sagat, ya bullies!:arazz::wgrin:

is this sagat jr. wearing his daddys shorts?
make him taller!
make the shorts smaller, its not sagat if there isnt any nut slippage (no homo)

Well, the whole character has big everything, so the shorts aren’t that wierd. Just look at the feet and the general feel of the limbs, they are big. So yeah, he looks short. Looks like Sagat though. Not sure you need to do much change. I always pictured Sagat with a pretty long neck (that curves) and long legs. More of a slender - but muscular - body.

kinda like this? minus the mustache of course.

the mustache made me lol :smiley:

LOL! Man, you guys are terrible. I cannot stop laughing at that pic! :rofl:
That’s it! Expect a new Sagat pic as soon as I have time dammit!