Sagat - Who's Next?

Here’s the link to the files. Enjoy!!!


Hi guys. Done with exams and almost finished with my next mod. I still have a few minor things to fix.

As you can see this mod is based on the second costume. There are issues with the right eye which I cannot fix. this is because the model doesn’t have a right eye and I’ve had to texture the eye socket.

anyways suggestions and feedback welcome:

Remarkable work! This looks legit!

Looks great. I actually like the lazy eye look of that mod.

Amazing effort. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Goldberg v. Hogan looks pretty epic alright…

lol thats gr8 & u fixed his eye, he looks like…who does he look like (a MMA fighter if im not mistaken)!?!

Really nice one!

good one!!


oh my god


Now we need a Gilberg mod for El Fuerte… hehe

Dont Forget to add a skin Version with a small Wrestling Championship BELT that would be a Killer mate

what do yer thinki?

WOW great job tekken! Your attention to detail makes your skins some of the best out there :tup:

We’ll add it to the wiki once you’re done!

awesome job man, what about honda as rikishi? that would be so badass

Jesus. That looks amazing. :wow:

Looks amazing man!

You continue to impress with your wrestling SFIV mods! You got that look of Goldberg down.

Keep up the awesome work!

Nice job.

this is freaking incredible

its not released yet you muppet