Sagat with hair picture?

I remember seeing a picture of sagat with hair and i think he was crushing go hibiki.

Anyone have it or know if it’s official?

Its official, adn old news. =P

Its from a SFA2 Guide (US at least).

How about a young pre-Satsui no Hadou Gouki? Can anyone verify where this supposedly official picture can be found?

anyone remember the hair color and possibly a link?

If you go by his eyebrow color for natural color, then that makes his natural color brunet, right?

I’d like to see this pic a lot, too. Just because I can’t even picture him in my mind with hair.

Look towards the bottom of the page.

It can be seen in at least three US books: SFA guide, SFA2 guide, and Street Fighter Eternal Challenge.

wow he had a lot of hair

Ah, thanks. I was trying to picture him with a crew cut, military style.

Long white hair… pfff. :xeye:

lol, movie sagat

What about that EGM pic of “Sheng Long”, when he was supposed to be in Street Fighter 3? Does anybody have that pic of SL’s full body?

I’ll bet I have that somewhere but I’d have to dig around for it. I have the one with “Nimbus Terrafox” the fake black kickboxer that was supposedly in MK1. :smiley:

Yeah yeah post that one too! I remember that from years ago! :clap: