sagat young

i found this pic on a web site and they says it was younger sagat officaly done by capcom but i don’t know.

  1. look at his bulid
  2. his left is weird and he has a patch now
  3. the way he holds the guy is the same as he held dan
  4. same bandages

What you guys think?

Yes it’s Sagat, that guy is Go Hibiki (Dan’s father). At that time Sagat still had hair. There’s also another pic of Sagat holding him like that and his eye is bleeding but it’s only a black & white illustration and it probably never came out big because of this pic with long hair. Look at his eyes they look different, that’s because Go screwed his eye, the reason why he has an eye patch. The art is from Street Fighter Zero.

Ive seen a similar pic where Sagat is holding Go by the head, probobly when Sagat killed him which makes the rivalry between Dan and Sagat. It was on the Dans dojo website, but it seems to be down at the moment.