Finally get some time to do a non digital pic. Derwent pencil on paper.

gotta have the scar, man.
until then he’s “muscular bald guy with eyepatch” :slight_smile:

good stuff

popplin fresh to go with your popplin red shirt.
Hey you ever thought about using gray marker in your sketches?
i did that today but it didn’t turn out well so i just trash it.

Whats with the sagat subject? I recall y ou doing alot of sagat bust sketches. is it because when you think bust you think walking mountain of muscle?

there’s something fun about Sagat… I draw tons of him myself.

Maybe it’s some unknown fascination with bald guys…

j/k abt the bald guy thing.
No facial hair + no shirt means you have to focus on muscular structure & anatomy, so I guess it makes good practice? :slight_smile:

Damn, Rook. You read me like a book, :lol:. SFMC, this’s just too good, man. :clap:

That’s an awesome looking Sagat SFMC. Only negative I can think of is that I wished you had done his entire body. I would have loved to see the entire character rendered like that. :tup:

I don’t think i’ve ever seen pencil work by you. This is awesome! Something’s missing though…

That it man…Keep it loose and fluid Bro. work in them shoulders---- Scar no scar Sagat is a Beast…:tup:


you alright for being ugly, jk. wheres my 15%?!?

Looking choice! I like how the face is fleshed out. And the shading you’ve used on it. And the shiny patches you’ve done look made good!

My only suggestion would be to pull the sholders up a tad. But since it’s not finished I could be completely wrong.

…Yeah, the face really stands out - Very impressive to me…

  • Ephidel

Hey thanks guys. Yeah i ran out of paper to draw the rest of Sagats figure. Just a skecth so i will leave it at that.

Ugly? You never even seen me. I’m like a mixture between jet Li and Brad Pitt. Call me Jet Pitt thank you. 15 percent of what. You want 15 percent of my skills so you can get better? Dude just joking.

Thanks for the crits and comments everyone. keep up the good work.

Jet Pitt? sounds like a super move, lol. Cool ass sketch, something evil about Sagat when he smiles. Like he’s gonna rape somebody.