Haven’t posted in forever. Well anyways here is Sagat. Trying to train myself to see.




thats dope dawg. u got a tablet?



It looks killer cuz it looks like a painting. That kinda looks like a mug shot. All that drug trafficing for shadowloo I suppose.


You know it. Been rockin a tablet since 89. Just joking got it last year.

Thanks deo. How has your buddies comic been going and also your coloring?


Shadowloo Stinky Poo

Looking pretty slick SFMC. I wouldn’t mind seeing a fully rendered or completed drawing from you once in awhile. Then again… look whos talking.



LOL… we E.x’d it. But me and another friend are going to continue ours. I’ve done some more coloring. I got a few post scatterd here and there. There mostly dbz.:bluu:


man this pic kix ass cant wait to see some more…


Very cool.

It’s good to see some more of your artwork. I have’nt seen any since you posted that Akuma pic yonks ago.

I like your Rose avatar. (I’ve got a Rose pic floating around these forums somewhere) I’d like to see some more of your artwork in that style. Have you got any on the net?

That style of art is more my cup of tea.

But still, awesome picture!

Can’t wait to see the next one!!!

The Muntmeister


heh. painterly style all the way.
looks good :slight_smile:


Sweet! keep up the good work.


come on its the new year! you can do better than this. i take a vacation and this is all you’ve posted. stop being a slacker or you’ll be drawing like these fools around here.