Sagat's Anti-Air moves - how do I use them right?


First I have to admit I am fairly new to Street Fighter (not much choice as a PC player :wgrin: )
With the release of SF4 I went ahead, got myself a TE stick and the Prima SF4 Guide and have since then spent countless hours in the training area as well as read through most Sagat guides on the web thereby learning a lot.

However, there is one rather basic point that still gives me headaches when playing online: I can’t reliably defend anti-air against simple jump-ins.
My guide only tells me that Sagat has Tiger Uppercut, High Kick and High Step Kick as anti-air. From reading guides and watching videos I can create the following anti-air list:

  • Tiger Uppercut (3 Versions)
  • Kara-cancelled Tiger Uppercut
  • High Kick
  • High Step Kick
  • Focus Attack Level 2 or 3
  • Block

Now I am somewhat confused what to use. Very often I get hit (or traded at best) despite using i.e. a High Kick as anti-air option.
Dou you have any hints that I can use as guideline ? I understand the moves have different ranges (maybe different priorities as well ?), but are some options preferrable to others ?
And what’s the best way to you learn correct anti-air ? Just by playing or should I go back to the training area and record Ken’s jumps at me and put them on “replay” ? :confused:

I understand this is probably a rather simple question for most people around here, but on the lower ranks this seems actually quite important. Added to this, some of the internet “guides” contradict each other (basically Guide 1: “Use High Step Kick as much as possible” / Guide 2:“High Step Kick has bad priority, try to avoid it”)

I would really appreciate any insight from good players on this, thanks for your help :smile:

simple answer: depends on the situation. each option has its uses. also, each option might change depending on what character you are playing against and what move they do.

Well I don’t know how far you are with improving your sagat. You have to do every named move you’ve named above. If a player is jumping in from far and you can anticipate that, you can do a HK or HSK. If you did the HSK then immediately throw a low (EX) tigershot. If the player was jumping very high you can do HSK and another HSK into Ultra or low (EX) tigershot.

IF the player is jumping in close you have to do your TU. For a late cross-up you can do a light TU. Giefs are slow, so they often jump a lil too late and that’s when they eat a light TU in their butt. I rather prefer a TU and then exchange… why??? If we exchange he juggles and I’ll do my HSK and if I have the meter an Ultra. If you can TU fast than this will have the priority.

And change your tactics sometimes with a FA level 2 to be unpredictable. Only block if you have no other options, e.g. because you were too late. Many players can use cross-ups or are faster in close combat. Learn to block cross-ups and learn to see when they are jumping in too late. If that happens do the light TU.

You missed a few AA’s.

  1. the Tigerknee. It has great priority if you know its range. With EX or F. Tiger Knee you can AA jump ins from very far. For Short istance you can use light or med Tigerknee.
  2. Neutral jump HP or MP. I’ve never seen any sagat use this, but I use this regularly. Especially against Bison. I just punch out his Headstomps.
  3. Neutral jump MK. The leg of Sagat has good range, because the leg is pointing down and will connect faster. When do you use this? By jump ins form ‘medium range’ (Not too far not too close). You have just to figure this range out by yourself. When you connect the player you can cr. lk/mk and tigershot/uppercut( >fadc + ultra). There are many possibilities. Don’t do it too much, otherwise you’ll become predictable. This goes for all moves. There are counters for each move, but learn too loook en read your players playstyle (jump alot? jump less?) and learn their timing. Then you can adapt to his timing and disrupt it.
  4. Standing MP. When players want to jump over you (e.g. cross-up) while you are standing you can use standing MP. He’ll throw a cheezy uppercut, but it works. It has low priority but know when you can use it. It’s fast and unpredictable. Too bad it doesn’t juggle.
    Tigershots: Throw light, medium, heavy and EX shots and change regularly. Sometimes if a light TS connects in close range you can HSK immediately.

Some usefull tactics:

  • Early tatsumaki from Ryu or Ken are punishable with HK or HSK. It has to have a far range. You have to hit him with sagat’s toes.
  • When Ken or Ryu (or other players) jumps in, in your range, don’t HK or HSK, use TU. It will exchange and it will be in your favor to combo and ultra.
  • RUfus Jezus Kick or whatever is punishable with just HK.
  • Gief’s (or other) late cross-ups punish with light TU. Note: don’t do that with Gen! He jumps low and fast. Or you have to be a robot to land succesfull.
  • Gen is a lil difficult, but early HK when he jumps hits good. His timing is different and jumps faster to you. Learn his timing.
  • El fuerte: If he uses wall jump then just do TU, TK or the best, Ultra.
  • Guile far jumpins countering with HK or well timed HSK. Close jump in TU.
  • Blanka: turtle a lot and TU/HK his jump ins. After Blanka Ultra Blocked, just use (HSK with) Ultra. When he’s doing back roll to the front… do the same as the ultra example.
  • Honda: After landed, Heavy Ass Butt punish with HK or TU. Late Ass Butt is punishable with light TU. Tiger Knee defeats his Headbutt.
  • Cammy: After blocking her AA attack, you can HK her out of the air. If she comes in drilling in the air then block and throw or block TU.
  • Chun li: just HK with her jump ins, but good Chuns won’t jump a lot. Watch out for her jumping HP. ANticipate it. Block high or HK when she does her “flip 180 degrees kick”.
  • Akuma/Gouken: demon flip… just uppercut and hope for exchange. Otherwise TU just connects.
  • Vega: when he flies and barcelona’s then jump backwards and HK, HP or MK.

Well I quit writing. I could write a book if I go on. Those were some basic stuf you need to know to come further. Note: when some moves sometimes don’t do what you want don’t panic and get your timing right the next time and read your opponent. Good luck!

Good stuff Creazn, if I put together a new match up thread I’ll include this information.

I honestly think the tiger knee is perhaps Sagat’s best move overall. It is has great AA and good distance, plus strong damage. It also is armor breaking.

The tiger uppercut is damn good too, but I think it is slightly lacking, it does have invincibilty startup and does good chip, but your enemy must be close to jump on you while the tiger knee can hit from a distance while they are jumping.

Tiger knee is good shit.

You can spam the shit out of that move if done correctly. Very powerful move and knocks the opponent back if your opponent is trying to push you in a corner.

Is it possible to do a TU right after a TS as an AA, or just gotta anticipate the jump in?

Say you have just thrown a TS, the other player does a jump-in on you, is it possible to TU right away to stop that? I’ve been trying doing a TU(HP) but I can’t seem to ever do it (well I haven’t tried alot so idk if it’s just a timing thing).

Sometimes you can pull off a bait tiger shot and then Tiger Uppercut them when they jump in.

Hell you can even do a slow tiger shot and use it as bait for a tiger knee set up.

Additional information:

  • If you are knocked down and an opponent throws a fireball from not too far away, you can tiger uppercut him. You’ll hit his hands.
  • More advanced stuff. You can doe the LOW STEP KICK + Tigerknee. You will increase your range dramatically and it’s a good way to fool your opponent. You can also do LowSTepKick + Tigershot/Tigeruppercut. I really like doing LSK+Tigerupercut from a distance the opponent won’t expect it and then immediately FADC into Ultra. It’s difficult to master and do it consistent, but when you do, you have a great new improved TU.

Mago does that a lot: LSK + TS and LSK TU. You can see why he pressures that good. Those moves also have influence to his great pressure work. Scare the shit out of your opponent and make fast and accurate moves.

Reply to above:
Tigeruppercut isn’t lacking. You just have to know when to punish with it. It has great juggle abilities when exchange, they are toast. Plus it has monstrous damage. Tiger Knee is good for “teleporting” >>> when is that safe? >> when you’ve knocked out your opponent to the other side of the screen, you can do heavy TK to go fast near your opponont and set up the pressure, but the damage isn’t that great.

Tigerknee also great with gief. It eats lariats alive!!

Creazn, any tips against Balrog?

Many tigerknees counters his specials. Beware of his Turn punch, when he does that, you’ll miss the tigerknee and get smashed. Also for tiger shots, do it inconsistent. Few low and high ones and then stop for light tigerknee bait and then heavy TK.

Anticipate his headbutt and don’t jump to much towards him. IF you block just HK or TU or combo + fadc ultra. Good placed tigerknees is the key in this match. Don’t jump a lot or u’ll eat ultra eventually. You can also anticipate a forward dash special with back jump and J. HK and then St.HK. 3hit combo. A sneaky throw of balrog is taptap and throw, anticipate his movements. Often when you are in a corner… and he jumps over you like he’s doing some cross-up immediately press THROW. That’s a common used tactic of rog.

Don’t try to throw him much, because his jabs are damn ast.

Thanks Creazn, great answer ! :tup:

After reading your 1st post I realized that (unfortunately :wgrin:) there is no automatic “I WIN” - Anti Air button for Sagat.

Oh well, back to the Training Area, at least now I know which part of my game has the biggest need for improvement. That neutral jumping MK is indeed very interesting and HK works really wonders agains Rufus’ Messiah Kick.

I think that for anti airs, it is important to note that Tiger Knees are especially good for anti air against gouken. Because he has his demon flip with his parry, doing a tiger upercut or step kick could leave you wide open. Using his fierce Tiger Knee will break armor and punish him for trying to parry.

TK is better used for pressure than AA. seriously if the japs dont use it for AA, why should we. only effective against scrubs who do obvious jumpins. this is non-existent in high lvl play.

just master TU and kara TU. better startup, more dmg, can trade to ultra. u dont need anything else.

I’m confused.

Sagat doesn’t want to trade?

My world no longer makes sense.

My favortie is to just keep TU zone and bait with TS, then trade. Free F+HK+Ultra/EX TS.

Some of this advice will lead to bad habits. Heavy TK should only be used to close in or crossup after a knockdown. Otherwise its shit and will lead to punishment.

sorry to hijack this thread but i was wondering if anyone knows how to do the standing punch going upwards as an AA? i can’t seem to figure out how to do this move.


the sagat does it at 1:30

medium punch when they’re close